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The Night Manager recap: Episode 3

Pine quickly becomes a master spy… after stealing a child’s cell phone

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Des Willie /The Ink Factory/AMC

The Night Manager

TV Show
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In Season
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Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman
Action, Crime, Drama

It’s funny. For a spy show, The Night Manager was noticeably short on snooping, swiping, and scanning in the first two episodes. But here, finally, in the third, Pine gets his espionage on.

Before getting into this recap, however, I’m desperately trying to find out what ZitterZatter is. It’s a new app that I saw Pine using on Danny’s phone, because of my constant fear of irrelevance, I need to get really good at it now. Is it like Snapchat, but, like, for spies?

Well, kinda. It turns out that ZitterZatter is just an encryption app that Burr supplies Pine with so that he can squirrel away information whenever he gets the chance. ZitterZatter is also totally fake, which is great news. I really don’t need another profile to worry about.

Back in Mallorca, Pine’s entry into the inner circles of Richard Roper’s empire is going surprisingly well. He’s mostly healed up. There’s some bruising, but that smile is still intact. Given the circumstances of Danny’s rescue, there’s are a fair amount of questions the men of the house have for Pine. What were you doing in that restaurant? What’s with all of the aliases? Weren’t you in Thor? Did you really kill a guy in Devon?

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Most of the questions come from one source: Lance Corkoran, Roper’s right hand man. Corky, as played by the always excellent Tom Hollander, is exactly the kind of guy you don’t want digging around in your past, especially if you have something to hide. Hollander imbues Corky with a low-key sadistic streak. Not only is he going to find out what Pine has to hide, it’ll make his week when he finds out. Within the Roper outfit, which is already a dangerous place to begin with, Corky is the man to avoid.

So Pine turns to Burr in hopes of easing the pressure… At least, I think that’s what he was asking for. There was a lot of talk about ice cream flavors, and I got distracted.

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