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The Missing recap: 'Pray for Me'

The second episode of this new Starz miniseries introduces a new suspect and delves into the shadowy pasts of our cast of characters.

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The Missing
Liam Daniel/Starz

The Missing

Current Status:
In Season
130 minutes
Wide Release Date:
Cate Blanchett, Tommy Lee Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Val Kilmer, Evan Rachel Wood
Ron Howard
Columbia Pictures
Akiva Goldsman, Kenneth Kaufman
Western, Drama

After last week’s chilling ending, the second episode of this Starz series starts somewhere unexpectedly pleasant: on a beautiful old lakeside property in France, 2006. We meet Ian Garrett, an instantly likable old Scotsman with a kind face and, evidently, lots of money. He is spending a fortune to restore the ancient estate. Garrett is relaxing in his houseboat on the lake when something on the TV catches his eye—a couple desperately pleading for the return of their son.

We shift to another scene around Châlons Du Bois 2006, at a highway bridge construction site. A decidedly suspicious looking young construction worker with blue eyes and a mop of curls is looking around, clearly paranoid that someone is watching him. He decides to make a break for it, unzipping his uniform and tearing into a run—fleeing the team of police that was lying in wait for him to make a move.

Over at the police station, we learn that the man in cuffs is a local sex offender named Vincent Bourg, Baptiste’s No. 1 suspect.

We flash-forward to the present and back to the house where the premiere ended, where Tony, Baptiste, and Laurence are consulting in the driveway. Tony shows Laurence a paper drawing that looks identical to the one we saw Tony uncover on the basement wall—to our eye, at least. Laurence, however, is not convinced. She tells a frustrated Tony that she can’t just get a case reopened on the basis of a kid’s drawing. “What if you are simply clinging to shadows, Tony?” But Baptiste convinces Laurence, a new mother herself, to talk to the director with the power to reopen the case.

Next, to a scene at a cozy cafe—an ever-eager Tony has brought his foot-high case file along, so that he and Baptiste can reexamine the evidence for anything that might take on new significance in light of their discovery of the address where Ollie was held captive. “One step at a time,” the always calm Julien cautions him. A waiter brings over their drinks, and says, rather rudely, “You pay now.” Tony says he guesses these aren’t on the house—an odd exchange that makes more sense later on.

Tony steps out to answer a call from Emily—but when he picks up, Mark is on the line. He tells Tony that Emily’s dad, Robert, is very sick in the hospital—and not to call again. We shift to the London hospital, where Mark returns to Robert’s room and tells Emily it was just a wedding-related call. Last week, we saw Emily hide a call from Tony from Mark. Her ex-husband is clearly a source of distrust in their marriage, each concealing their dealings with him from the other. Robert opens his eyes and sees James (Mark’s son from a previous marriage), who he thinks is Oliver—the sort of thing older people suffering from dementia do all the time, but in this case it is especially painful. He’s forgotten that his grandson is all but a ghost.

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