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The Missing recap: 'The Meeting'

The tangled web of secrecy, suspects, and sins surrounding Oliver’s disappearance grows more tangled.

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The Missing

The Missing

Current Status:
In Season
130 minutes
Wide Release Date:
Cate Blanchett, Tommy Lee Jones, Aaron Eckhart, Val Kilmer, Evan Rachel Wood
Ron Howard
Columbia Pictures
Akiva Goldsman, Kenneth Kaufman
Western, Drama

This week on The Missing, we learn more about just how far the tragedy in question seeps into the lives of those involved—even years later—as the tangled web of secrecy, suspects, and sins surrounding Oliver’s disappearance gets bigger, and the aftershock of these revelations begin to spiral outward.

“He’ll want it when he comes back,” Emily tells her husband Tony as she frantically rummages through the hotel room. It’s just been a few days since her son disappeared—we’re in Chalon du Bois 2006—and she’s talking about Oliver’s stuffed animal fox. Detectives Baptiste and Zaine knock at their door and inform the couple that they need to question Tony down at the station. (Last episode, we saw Baptiste uncover something unseemly in Tony’s past involving bank statements and a bloodied man.)

Fast-forward to present day France, where Baptiste, Tony, and Laurence are relaunching the investigation after getting the go-ahead from the town’s incumbent mayor, who is desperate to keep the story out of the press. A forensics team is already checking the basement where they found Ollie’s drawing. Tony looks more alive and colorful than we’ve ever seen him, in the present at least. When Laurence gives Baptiste a new police ID, he no longer seems reluctant to dive back into detective work, but proud.

We then switch to an alarming scene: Detective Zaine is in prison. Resident pesky journalist Suri has come to visit him because he wants to get some dirt on Vincent Bourg, who was locked up in the same prison until his recent release. Zaine is less than thrilled with his guest. “Did I not help you enough back then?” he asks angrily. We know he was passing Suri insider info on the case back in 2006. It’s likely that he’s in jail for that crime—or for whatever dirty secret he had that Suri threatened to release if he didn’t cooperate with him. If you were wondering why Suri is so intent on talking to Bourg, Suri drops the bomb on Zaine, as stunned as we are when Suri says: “He can help me. Because I know what happened to Oliver Hughes.” What new evidence has Suri uncovered that’s led him to believe he really knows what happened to Ollie? Is he bluffing?

We head back to 2006, where a belligerent Tony is sitting through being questioned about the disappearance of his own son. Baptiste shows Tony the photographs of the bloodied man. His name is Greg Halpern, and Tony paid him a large sum of money after beating him up so badly in 2000 that he broke several of his ribs and required him to get stitches—why he did this, we still have no idea. Curiously, Tony was never so much as questioned by the police about the incident. Emily’s father, a lawyer, helped Tony get out of trouble and conceal the incident from Emily. Tony is bewildered, as this skeleton in his closet seems to have nothing to do with his case.

It turns out that the incident with Halpern is just one piece of a larger case Baptiste and Walsh are making against Tony. “Are you a violent man, Mr. Hughes?” Baptiste asks him. He brings up the time Ollie went to the hospital for a broken ankle in 2004. And then he cuts to the chase and makes his point clear. There are nine minutes at the time of Ollie’s disappearance that are unaccounted for in Tony’s story. “Where were you?” Baptiste asks, awfully confident for accusing a man of kidnapping or harming his own son. Baptiste brings up Tony’s stressful job and the car trouble he and Emily had that landed them at Hotel L’Eden in the first place. “A man with a history of violence under stress. Was it too much?” Tony seems literally unable to comprehend what he’s hearing. “Nine minutes would give you time,” Baptiste says casually as he all but outright accuses Tony. Time to steal his son—is Baptiste serious? Yes, he is: “If you speak now the procurer will be easier on you,” he tells Tony.

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