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The Mindy Project recap: Under the Texan Sun

Mindy flees to Texas

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Byron Cohen/Universal Television

The Mindy Project

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Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, Ike Barinholtz

“This is the worst vacation ever!” Mindy screams toward the end of this episode, where she visits Peter and Lauren in Austin for five days right after finding out that Danny is dating again. She’s not wrong: On this vacation — which she booked when she was drunk and didn’t even remember until Peter called her right before she was scheduled to head to the airport — Mindy falls into a pool (twice), gets rejected by Peter and Lauren’s sexy pool guy, inspires that same sexy pool guy to quit, gets involved in a fight between Peter and Lauren, and, perhaps worst of all, shares a room with a large pet lizard named Martin.

The drama begins when Mindy goes to drop Leo off at Danny’s and finds a beautiful woman in his apartment. She arrives in Austin ready to have sex and forget all about it, which is fortunate, because the resident pool guy, Diego, is, as previously mentioned, very attractive. And Mindy is very… inappropriate.

Basically, she’s extremely offensive, so offensive that when she leans in and says, “I can’t believe I’m about to hook up with the pool boy,” Diego scoffs and immediately leaves. As Lauren later clarifies, he’s not a pool boy; he is “the preeminent water feature designer of the Southwest.” Get your terms straight, Mindy.

After getting rejected, Mindy heads to the store to pick up some popsicles for baby Henry (she left them out and they all melted), and finds Peter there watching Grey’s Anatomy on the dozens of screens in the TV section. Turns out, Peter’s been spending his mornings here and then going home to hang with Henry in the afternoons — and Lauren has no idea. She doesn’t watch TV, so she doesn’t think anything of it when Peter comes home and tells her about how dramatic Meredith and Derek are being or how Izzie’s brain tumor is progressing.

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His lie isn’t malicious, though: He just really, really likes hanging out with Henry. That’s a good thing, because Lauren later reveals that she’s pregnant with another kid. He’s come clean; she’s come clean. Everything is good! Except Mindy’s still upset about the whole Danny thing.

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