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The Mindy Project recap: The Greatest Date in the World

Mindy and Marcus take on New York

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Evans Vestal Ward/Universal Television

The Mindy Project

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Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, Ike Barinholtz

That post-Buchanan date Mindy went on with Marcus last week went well, evidently: This episode kicks off with Marcus (played by none other than Ne-Yo) taking her on a series of hip dates. They go to a Chinese restaurant where cooks kill chickens right before their eyes! They go to an interactive theater where someone cracks an egg on Mindy’s head for art! They play in a massive pillow fight! Marcus is, as Mindy dubs him, Mr. New York.

Mr. New York can get tiresome though. After dining on charred crow at a Transylvanian restaurant, Mindy suggests they go to a Barnes and Noble to pick up a birthday present for Jody. Marcus scoffs at the idea — a chain? — and instead takes her on an adventure to a bookstand on a sidewalk where they sadly (but predictably) do not sell Lonesome Dove, the book Mindy was looking for. To Barnes and Noble it is.

Back at the office, there’s a bit of drama going on because the nurses want to turn Danny’s abandoned office into their own lounge. Jeremy finally gives them the okay, but gets upset once he sees a poster in there that says, “They pay me to work here, but they don’t pay me to like it.” To make the nurses enjoy working there, he takes them out to a fancy dinner and offers to give them anything their heart desires: Fridays off, an intern, a popcorn machine, you name it. Jeremy, best boss ever?

But only for so long: Once he does all this, he visits the lounge again and notices the “offensive” poster is still there. He hits back by putting a sign that says, “I hate nurses!” on his own door, which sparks a debate about freedom of speech. Basically, Jeremy doesn’t get why they can hang that poster but he can’t. As Jody rather sensibly explains, griping is all “underlings” have. Jeremy eventually gets it, and even takes down his poster. No word on whether the nurses got to keep their popcorn machine, though.

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In other office drama, Mindy doesn’t approve of one of her patients, Eden, trying to get pregnant by her noncommittal, party-loving boyfriend, Jonah. She believes so strongly that Eden shouldn’t procreate with this guy that she goes to his apartment — filled with women, smoke, and booze — and tells him off. This is wildly out of line, of course. Mindy thinks it’s totally justified because she was trying to prevent Eden from making a mistake, of course.

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