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The Mindy Project recap: Baby Got Backslide

Mindy tries to win over an old flame

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Evans Vestal Ward

The Mindy Project

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Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, Ike Barinholtz

Casey’s back! And Mindy’s ready to get back with him. But there’s just one obstacle — and it’s a big one: Casey’s friends don’t like Mindy and made him promise them he wouldn’t get back together with her. 

Mindy finds this out after she and Casey — who’s in town to open a Dope Feat flagship store — go on what seems like a date. He buys her “a meat sword” (a.k.a. a large metal skewer) from the restaurant, keeps calling her “babe,” and holds her hand on the walk home. He even tells Mindy that she’s his one that got away. These are not things you tell someone you want to be just friends with. But apparently they are for him because once they get to Mindy’s stoop, he rejects her invitation to come inside. His friends can’t stand Mindy, and they’re mad at her for breaking their buddy’s heart. Convincing Pastor Casey how to live his life is evidently very easy if you’re his friend.

Because Mindy loves a challenge (and sex with Casey), she decides to win his friends over. This requires a five-step process that includes lots of shots, pretending to love Diehard, and showing off her boobs. And it works! Just not on Marcus, Casey’s most difficult-to-please friend. He sees right through Mindy’s act and tells her that he’s not about to support Casey getting back into a relationship with someone who only wants to change him. He’s being perhaps a little too blunt, but he’s also being a good friend. 

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Morgan and Tamra are also being good friends in their own weird — very weird — ways. Tamra discovered Ashley’s blog, Celibacy in the City, and has been keeping up with it to see how her blossoming (and sexless) relationship with Jody is going. It turns out it’s going well, except she’s not digging the way Jody dresses, so Morgan and Tamra take him shopping despite his reservations. Once the new-and-improved (and self-conscious — he’s lost without his suspenders) Jody shows up to Ashley’s, she’s smitten. It’s hard not to be: Jody should really wear clothing from the 21st century more often.

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