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The Mindy Project recap: 'What About Peter?'

Peter moves in next door to Mindy and Danny and proves he isn’t exactly the best neighbor.

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Mindy Project Recap
Beth Dubber/Fox

The Mindy Project

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Mindy Kaling, Chris Messina, Ike Barinholtz

Close your eyes and picture what you think Peter’s living situation is like. Does it involve lots of beer, a waterbed, and immature roommates who don’t know how to talk to women? Yes? Spot on.

Mindy takes a visit to Peter’s apartment and finds out that it’s less than ideal. His roommates are partaking in some sort of indoor sport when she walks in, and they proceed to somehow remove her bra and underwear without her noticing—impressive, but, more importantly, gross. The most upsetting part though is his dog, Nicole: The cute, pale Pomeranian is painted half-green because Peter and his perpetually drunk roommates thought it’d be fun to dye her their school color for Dartmouth’s homecoming. Tip: Dogs probably shouldn’t be vehicles for school pride. Probably.

Meanwhile, Danny’s looking into knocking down the wall separating his two apartments to make room for family, which, of course makes us think, “Danny and Mindy and babies, oh my!” But after seeing where Peter lives, Mindy’s taken on her coworker as a charity case and insists to Danny that Peter should live in the empty second apartment for the time being so he can be a “grown-up.”

Danny, being Danny, doesn’t want Peter to live next door, but Mindy is kind of impossible to say no to. The rest of the episode is essentially Peter proving Danny right, that he shouldn’t live next door—and Peter shining in a rare episode that gives him the spotlight.

Although The Mindy Project has been better about creating interesting, complicated characters this season, the B-plots—a.k.a. any parts of the episode not involving Danny or Mindy—tend to drag. In this episode, that B-plot centers around Jeremy babysitting Lauren’s kid and failing miserably until Morgan swoops in to help. Watching Jeremy struggle with the baby is amusing enough, but it’s nothing too memorable—just like most of the other B-plots, the ones that Peter spends most of his time on the show starring in.

But this episode makes a smart move by including Peter in Danny and Mindy’s relationship and letting the trio take up most of the episode. Danny and Mindy are arguably the best part of the show right now, but we’d get bored if we only saw those two interact with each other for 30 minutes each week (this is also probably arguable), so throwing another character into their mix keeps the show fresh. This is why Annette and Dot’s appearances are so entertaining: They add some newness without taking away precious Danny-Mindy time.

But speaking of precious Danny-Mindy time, there’s quite a bit—and some drama, too. That wall Danny wanted to tear down? It wasn’t to make room for Mindy and co., but for his mom. Mindy, who found out accidentally that Danny wanted to combine the two apartments, was in the same boat as the audience, thinking it was to make more room for her. So when Danny reveals that, no, it’s for dear ol’ ma, Mindy freaks out a bit. Understandably.

Peter—who’s now in the hospital thanks to a concussion he got while throwing a party in Danny’s other apartment—tries to hand out some Mindy-related wisdom to Danny, but it doesn’t quite stick. Danny and Mindy end up having a conversation about living together, but Danny doesn’t commit the way Mindy wants him to. Instead, he says he’s “really, really nervous” about them moving in together but they can try anyway. Romantic, right?

Instead of getting upset, Mindy showcases a badass do-what-you-want attitude. “I’m going to be fine no matter what happens,” Mindy tells Danny before saying she wants to be with someone who’s as excited about being together as she is. On her way out the door, Danny says something about living together again only for Mindy to reply, “You should ask me sometime when you’re not ‘really, really nervous.'” Damn, Mindy.

The drama is fun and all, but hopefully this is some run-of-the-mill couple stuff instead of an issue that will break them up. Because, let’s face it: Mindy and Danny need to get married someday because their wedding will definitely rival—if not outshine—Prince William and Kate Middleton’s in terms of exciting televised nuptials. Stay together for the audience, guys.

Best lines

“Today I went out and bought curtains. And I closed them before I… relaxed.” —Peter

“See? He said ‘relaxed’ instead of ‘masturbated.'” —Mindy, trying to prove Peter’s maturing

“When I told my roommates I was moving out, they stabbed my waterbed.” —Peter

“Mindy, your boyfriend groped me. You are a beard.” —Peter

“Oh no, it’s happening again.” —Mindy

“We don’t need a Kramer, and if we needed one, Morgan’s more that energy.” —Danny

“What the hell is Peter thinking? There’s not a single coaster being used!” —Danny

“You don’t have to do that. You told me in your culture, cleaning’s a man’s job.” —Danny when he sees Mindy sweeping

By the numbers

Mindy’s outfits: 10

Time it takes to cook perfect steak: 10 minutes

Steaks Mindy eats: 2

Age Mindy tells Peter she is: 24

Apartments Danny owns: 2