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The Man in the High Castle recap: Kindness

Frank and Juliana finally see the new film, and it changes everything about their world and this show

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Liane Hentscher/Amazon

The Man in the High Castle

TV Show
Current Status:
In Season
Arnold Chun, Luke Kleintank, Bernhard Forcher
Drama, Sci-fi, Thriller

Well, now things are starting to pick up on The Man in the High Castle. Now that we’ve seen parts of this new Grasshopper film, it’s safe to say things are getting rather…trippy? Surreal? Confusing? Scary? Let’s say all of the above, just to be on the safe side.

A lot has to happen before we get to the point of seeing the film, though, so let’s jump back and start with Frank, who’s patiently waiting at the bus terminal for Juliana to show up. Ed is with him and urges him to get on the bus and leave town, saying that he’ll put Jules on a bus later. Frank isn’t sure what’s happened to her, though, and he’s not leaving without her, so he doesn’t get on the bus.

Meanwhile, Joe and Jules are being held captive inside a room down at the docks. It turns out that the Yakuza have kidnapped them, but Jules manages to get free. Or rather, Karen and Lem buy her out of trouble, spending 10,000 yen just to have her free. Of course, Juliana wants to get Joe out, as well. But the price for him is 50,000 yen. Juliana agrees to get it, and it’s clear where she thinks she’ll get the money.

While heading back to her apartment, a waiting Ed steps in and brings her to his house, where Frank is holed up with Ed’s skeptical grandpa. Once there, Juliana details her capture and the need to get Joe out, asking for Frank’s 46,000 yen to get the job done. He very reluctantly agrees but only if he’s the one to deliver the money and bring Joe back.

While the official and unofficial members of the Resistance are trying to sort out how to get Joe and the film back, the Obergruppenführer is still dealing with a potential uprising against him. He visits Erik, the man who was shot when their convoy was attacked many episodes ago, in the hospital and tells him about his suspicions in regards to Heydrich. He hands Erik a note and says that if anything should happen to him, the letter should be given directly to Hitler.

The Obergruppenführer isn’t the only Nazi making plans. Heydrich has had Wegener released from custody in the hopes of exploiting his connection and goodwill with the Führer. After he chastises him for his treason, which involved handing over the plans for a Heisenberg device to the Japanese, he tells him he has a new plan for him. He’s going to Berlin with instructions to kill Hitler. Now this is the show I’ve been waiting for!

Meanwhile, Frank is on his way to hopefully save Joe. Before he meets up with the Yakuza, though, he heads to where he hid the gun he manufactured and takes it back for protection. Better to be safe than sorry when dealing with the Yakuza.

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