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The Man in the High Castle recap: Three Monkeys

With the Kempeitai getting closer to Frank, Juliana and Joe go looking for more clues, and get more than they bargained for.

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The Man in the High Castle

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Arnold Chun, Luke Kleintank, Bernhard Forcher
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I’ve mentioned in just about every recap since the premiere that The Man in the High Castle seems to be stalling. Despite all the secrets and conspiracies, there’s been very little action, very little plot movement. I feel like we’ve been waiting for another shoe to drop ever since Juliana went to Canon City, a move that feels like it was ages ago. Well, that other shoe may have dropped at the end of tonight’s episode, “Three Monkeys.”

It’s appropriate that the entire episode takes place during V-A Day, as the day seems to embody all of the tensions within the characters and their relationships. The fact that the Japanese don’t celebrate the day shows just how fraught their relationship with the Nazis is, and the ideas of loyalty and honor perfectly encapsulate the secret-keeping going on with Joe and Juliana.

Let’s start with Juliana. She’s back at the Japanese Authority Building, having been called in by Trade Minister Tagomi. While Juliana seems worried about why she’s been summoned, it turns out that he’s ready to offer her a job. Why her? I’m not sure of his true intentions, but he believes having a white face around the office will help keep his Nazi visitors at ease.

Juliana’s job is to mind her own business, forget everything she hears, and serve coffee and water during meetings. Of course, Juliana is keeping an ear out for any information about Grasshopper, or really anything that could tell her more about the films and why her sister was killed.

Back at home, Juliana is trying to mend her relationship with Frank, but things are certainly rocky. She doesn’t tell him about going to meet Tagomi for the job, and when she schedules a dinner for later that night she fails to show up after getting held up at work. The two have a huge argument, but more on that and its implications later.

Frank, meanwhile, is trying to get back to normal, but the Kempeitai are on his tail. Even if Frank didn’t shoot the Crown Prince, he’s been implicated. The boy and father who saw him with the gun have given a tip to the Kempeitai, pointing out the potential model of the gun. Thus, Kido is searching all local antique dealers looking for who may have sold the weapon.

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That leads Kido to the shop where Frank purchased his bullets. Kido questions the owner, and while he plays dumb and says that a Japanese man living in Tibet purchased the bullets, Kido knows better. He suspects something is amiss but can’t quite place what.

He then sends his men to Frank’s workplace to gather some information. It seems that they’re looking to get Frank’s information specifically, likely because of his past interactions with them. You know, that whole dead sister thing.

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