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The Man in the High Castle recap: Sunrise

The Japanese torture Frank in the hopes of locating Juliana, and Joe’s loyalty to the Nazis comes into question

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The Man in the High Castle

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After the relative cliffhanger ending of the series premiere of The Man in the High Castle, “Sunrise” dives right back into the action, showing the fallout from Juliana’s decision to leave with the subversive film and head to Canon City.

For Juliana, that decision seems to be a good thing so far. While she hasn’t found Trudy’s contact just yet, she is enjoying her life in Canon City, even watching the sunrise with Joe and landing a waitressing job at the Sunrise Diner. Back in San Francisco, though, Frank is paying for her decision in horrendous ways. The Japanese have locked him in a cell and torture him intermittently, trying to get Jules’ location out of him.

Back in New York, specifically Long Island, we see a traditional American breakfast unfolding, with a family gathering around the table for some bacon and eggs. All would be normal if it wasn’t for, you know, the Nazi uniforms. It turns out that the Obergruppenführer leads a relatively normal life outside of his Nazi beliefs.

With breakfast attended to, the Obergruppenführer can check in on Joe. He tells him that they have intelligence that suggests Joe may be looking for a woman, and it isn’t long before he realizes that Juliana is likely the one with the film. He still doesn’t know what the film is, but he’s under strict orders to retrieve it for the Nazis.

Meanwhile, Juliana is trying to figure out whom Trudy was supposed to meet. Her new job at the diner allows her to keep an eye on the people coming in and out, and when a mysterious man reading a Holy Bible strikes up a conversation with her, she assumes she’s found her contact.

After all, the man lends her money to go and buy a Bible, which is illegal to own outside of the neutral zone, and he says there’s a clue in a certain verse to his outlook on life. When Juliana reads the verse it mentions a grasshopper, confirming that this must be the man Trudy was supposed to give the film to.

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While Juliana is interacting with this man and buying a Holy Bible, Joe is keeping a close eye on her. He’s stalking her at the bookstore and asking the owner about her purchase — he feigns ignorance —and watching her in the diner while Nina Simone’s “Strange Fruit” plays on his turntable. At least Nazi double agents have good taste in music.

There’s a stark contrast to the two story lines that dominate this second episode. There’s paranoia in the one that sees Juliana trying to find out who her contact is, with the added factor of Joe trying to determine who Juliana — or Trudy, to him — is and if she’s his target. It’s all implied violence, whereas Frank is going through literal violent interactions.

While he does get time alone to talk with Randall, the Resistance member from the bus station, his day is spent being tortured by the Japanese. It’s not just physical, though. When he refuses to give up Juliana’s location, Inspector Kido brings Frank’s sister and her two children into the Authority Building. Kido tells Frank that he has them locked in a room that he could fill with Zyklon B, killing his sister and her children instantly.

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