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Last Man On Earth recap: Season 3, Episode 5

The gang finds a new home complete with electricity — and most importantly, frozen pizzas

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Kevin Estrada/Fox

The Last Man on Earth

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Will Forte

After all these survivors have been through, they could use a win (or several). And they finally get one in this episode, when they enter the lit-up building they stumbled upon last week and find it has electricity, flushable toilets, and frozen pizza. Civilization!

As it turns out, this structure is a self-sustaining office building that looks like it was intended to house a Google-style company, but the virus apparently hit before anyone could move in. This means there’s plenty of space, enough for everyone to have their own area — kind of.

There are five floors. Tandy and Carol call the bottom, Erica gets the second, Lewis gets floor three, and Gail calls four. But then Todd jumps in and volunteers to bunk in four, too…before Gail very strongly hints she wants to be alone. Let’s not forget that just an episode ago, Gail was ready to ditch everyone and live in complete solitude. Despite this, Todd still seems shocked Gail wouldn’t want to live with him and tries to act cool by saying he’ll just stay with Melissa on the top floor. No big deal!

Except it is a big deal. Later, as Todd showers underneath a fire sprinkler (that he set off by lighting a torch directly underneath — innovative!), Gail breaks up with him, saying she’s ready to be alone again and he’s better off with Melissa — someone he has a real connection with. Todd is visibly crushed, and so he does what anyone would do in that situation: Go to his other girlfriend for solace. Too bad his other girlfriend is Melissa, who’s busy shooting up office chairs.

At first, she reacts to news of Todd and Gail’s breakup with her typical coldness, but then something happens: Melissa seems to…come alive? She throws her gun over her shoulder, walks up to Todd, and hugs him. “I’m sorry you’re sad,” she says, before telling him how much he means to her. Todd takes this behavior as a sign she’s turned a corner and the old Melissa is back, so he’s ready to celebrate. He shouldn’t be —but we’ll get to that later.

Back to the frozen pizzas: Everyone’s basking in the power of having electricity when it goes out…with only three minutes left until said frozen pizzas are done cooking. Forget about the deaths of Gordon and Phil and whomever Jon Hamm played; this is real tragedy. Despite this, Tandy’s still all about staying in the office building for good. Carol isn’t, though she tries to hide it at first.

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