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Last Man On Earth recap: Season 3, Episode 4

The group finds the light at the end (er, middle) of a road trip gone wrong

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The Last Man on Earth

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“Look, we’ve all been through a lot,” Erica says at one point during tonight’s episode. “I think we’re all coming apart at the seams a little bit.” Or, uh, a lot?

Melissa’s still acting like she’s the group’s resident ruthless security guard; Gail’s still drinking her troubles (and boredom) away; Tandy’s still…Tandy. And taking a road trip to an undecided location — yes, they leave Malibu before agreeing where to call home next — only makes their “quirks” even more pronounced. It also causes some things to come out into the open.

For example, Lewis is gay. Tandy first acts bewildered when he finds out, which made me worry he was going to turn out to be some intolerant prick on top of everything else. But alas: He’s just really, really excited — and apparently keeping tally of what groups are represented in their ragtag gang. “I was pumped when you were just Asian. But a gay Asian?” he responds. “Hey, that checks off two boxes for us!”

By this time, they’ve decided on San Francisco as their final destination, and Tandy is thrilled they’re going there now that he knows Lewis’ sexual orientation — as he says, the city is “famously homosexual.” It makes a lot of sense a few moments later, when Tandy mentions to Carol he now has his “first gay friend.”

The San Francisco they were imagining is not the San Francisco they find, though. It’s burned to the ground, a complete mess. A flashback then reveals Tandy had taken a trip to SF two years earlier, when he decided to light all the contents in a fireworks warehouse. You can guess how that went.

Now they’re back to square one, trying to agree on a place to live (although Melissa would be fine with staying: “I like it burned,” she shrugs). Tandy’s plan to wander aimlessly until they land on somewhere quickly goes awry once Erica’s car breaks down, thanks to Carol’s insistence they put the A/C on full blast. Then Todd’s van won’t start, leaving everyone left to join Tandy in his prison bus. Everyone is, as you can imagine, thrilled.

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