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The Last Man on Earth season 2 premiere recap: Is There Anybody Out There?

Phil and Carol try to find their forever home — and then Phil tries to find Carol.

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Patrick McElhenney/Fox

The Last Man on Earth

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Will Forte

Once upon a time, Phil Miller was the last man on earth — or so he thought: While he was busy stealing valuable belongings from the White House and drinking away his sorrows in a margarita-filled kiddie pool, the other last people on earth were driving around the country searching for fellow survivors. As anyone who watched last season knows, they eventually found each other… and then Phil was booted from Tucson for being, as he would probably call himself, a friggin’ jerk. So now he’s back to square one, cherry-picking cool stuff from landmarks around the country. The only difference? Now Carol’s with him.

After a delightfully ridiculous opening scene that involves the two driving through the empty streets in a stealth bomber that Phil doesn’t actually really know how to operate, the two settle into the White House’s Oval Office. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the President of the United States and the Last Lady — both conducting their very important business from a margarita pool, of course.

Those first few minutes are a welcome return to the early days of Last Man when Phil really believed he was the last man and, as a result, let down all his guards. Every single one of them. He’s not as unapologetically gross this time around, likely thanks to Carol’s presence, but they still play off each other well, making busts of historical figures “make out” and “wake-boarding” through the house with the help of an ATV. The opportunity for these characters to let out their inner child now that there aren’t really any rules to go by is part of what’s made this series such a uniquely sparkling comedy since its beginning, so watching Carol and Phil go all out right from the start of season 2 is both a relief and a joy.

And not only are they having fun, but they’re also having fun together: Carol and Phil didn’t exactly come off as meant-to-be last season, but they seem to have fully accepted each other by this point. Maybe they’re even — dare I say — maturing. They bounce off each others’ weirdness during sex and have relatively healthy conversations about their next steps.

Carol and Phil aren’t completely alone though: His balls are still around, thankfully. They make their first appearance when Phil holds a press conference, where he makes some bold statements. For example: “In short, my position on Syria is… dunno” and “Tucson can suck it.” Phil Miller, the president America needs.

They’re not in the White House for long, because “it doesn’t feel right” to Carol. So Phil — gasp! — does something sweet, and surprises Carol by blindfolding her and driving her to her old apartment in good ol’ Delaware, a.k.a. The First State. (Funny that the last people are in the first state — good job, Last Man!)

A pleased Carol gives Phil a tour of her apartment, which also used to house her two roommates who succumbed to the virus despite their best efforts. And their best efforts were pretty damn good: One’s room is decked out with hand sanitizer and a mosquito net. “He was trying not to get the virus,” Carol tells Phil matter-of-factly. “He got it.”

NEXT: Carol and Phil’s honeymoon period ends abruptly.