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The Last Man on Earth finale recap: 30 Years of Science Down the Tubes

Phil finds — and says goodbye to — Mike

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Adam Taylor

The Last Man on Earth

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Will Forte

It happened: Mike is dead.

Kidding! Mike’s not dead — well, not yet, at least. At the end of the last episode, Phil woke up to find Mike gone and a note from his missing brother. “So long, Phil,” it said. “Didn’t want you to have to say goodbye again.” But Phil doesn’t want to leave his brother to die — or suffer from a cold, if that’s what he’s still choosing to believe — alone, so he sets off on a journey to find him. And by “journey,” I mean he jumps in a DeLorean and heads to Tucson. If you’re gonna go find your dying brother, you might as well do it in style.

That illusion of coolness disappears as soon as Phil gets to Tucson, where a couple off pee-filled water bottles fall out when he opens the door. Dude can stop anywhere and pee without fear of public shaming and/or arrest, and he chooses to do so. Say hello to Peak Phil.

He is going through something pretty traumatic, though, so he gets a pass this time. And the situation worsens once he finds Mike lying still in a bed. The virus got him, Phil assumes. He was too late. Then, psych! A very alive Mike wakes up, scaring his poor brother. Once a prankster, always a prankster.

Back in Malibu, the fallen cow’s calf is mooing up a storm outside. Everyone gathers outside to check out what’s happening, and there they find the drone. This must be a satisfying moment for Gail, seeing that no one believed her when she told them about it a couple episodes ago. For everyone else? It’s terrifying. 

Also terrifying: the jar of Phil’s fart that Mike finds in their family’s attic. See, Phil once farted into a jar because he wanted to see how long a fart could retain it’s smell. That fart has now been chilling in the glass jar for 30 years, so it’s time. Phil opens it up and… Mike ruins it by farting at the exact same time. Again: Once a prankster, always a prankster. “That’s 30 years of science down the tubes,” Phil laments. While he’s busy mourning his busted experiment, Mike passes out — and this time, it’s not a joke.

Later, though, he asks to call a truce on pranking after Phil pretends to have the virus himself. He’s too tired and too sick to handle it anymore, and he ends up asking his big brother to just be honest with him. So Phil is: “I don’t like what you did to my hair,” he admits in what might be this season’s most shocking confession. The two then return to the attic, where they light a bunch of candles as Mike evens out Phil’s haircut — as “Falling Slowly” plays in the background, of course. If they weren’t brothers, this would be beautifully romantic.

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