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The Last Man on Earth recap: Crickets

Tandy finds out Todd’s (delicious) secret.

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Ray Mickshaw/Fox

The Last Man on Earth

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Will Forte

It was only a matter of time before an episode of TV was devoted to the pig’s greatest contribution to the world: bacon. And that time is now.

Last week ended with Todd happily entering a house and declaring, “Daddy’s home.” Turns out that house runs on solar panels and, therefore, still has a running fridge — and said fridge still has packages and packages of bacon inside. Now it all makes sense why Todd was keeping this house a secret from the rest of the group.

Tandy — now a free man after his seemingly never-ending rotation of punishments — does some investigating and finds the bacon, then confronts Todd about it. The bacon discovery is a big deal for multiple reasons, one of them being that Carol has now resorted to serving everyone crickets since they’re running out of food.

Unsurprisingly, no one is exactly hankering for crickets (although cricket casserole does seem slightly more appetizing than Carol’s previous specialty, raisin balls). Phil eats them, but that’s just because Phil wants to get in Carol’s bedazzled pants. Tandy even tries to eat them and puts on a semi-happy face, earning some good husband points, but he can only pretend for so long. And now there’s bacon. Actual meat! Plenty of actual meat!

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Todd has no choice but to let Tandy in on the bacon for fear of blackmail, so the two go on to have a bacon party. What once was a fridge full of 42 packages of bacon very quickly becomes a fridge full of three packages of bacon. Before you judge them for eating 39 packages of bacon in what was probably a span of only a few days (if even): Imagine yourself at an all-you-can-eat bacon buffet after going without the cured meat for more than a year. I rest my case.

While these two are sneaking off to binge on bacon, Gail is playing nurse. Melissa cut her finger, and with no actual doctor in the crew, Gail’s left to act like one. She’s taken a special interest in first aid following Gordon’s untimely death, something that works in Melissa’s favor this time around. Only problem? Gail’s also taken a special interest in alcohol.

Melissa notices the scent of liquor on Gail’s breath right before she’s supposed to give her stitches but lets her go ahead anyway — after taking some swigs of Scotch herself to numb the ensuing pain. Cocktails become multipurpose in a post-apocalyptic society, apparently.

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