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The Killing recap: 'Head Shots' recap (season 3, episode 4)

Holder and Linden investigate a motel, Seward makes a friend (whom Becker uses against him), Twitch’s dreams — and chiseled cheekbones — are shattered, and Kallie’s mom is more connected to the case than we thought

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The Killing Recap
Carole Segal/AMC

The Killing

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Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Peter Sarsgaard

After discovering Kallie was the latest star in the local sex tape racket, Holder and Linden called in Bullet to watch in hopes that she might have some ideas. She flinched when they asked her to confirm whether Goldie was the disembodied voice. She did offer one clue, saying she’d given it Kallie a blue ring she was wearing in the video just three days before. With a timeline taking shape, Holder and Linden secured a search warrant for the 7 Star Motel, where Kallie was last seen.

While the squad busted down the doors one by one, Linden noticed the motel manager Mama Dips looking skittish. They forced their way behind the counter and pressed a button that buzzed them into a hidden room — the very same room from the porn tape. It was empty save for a blue teddy bear in an underground space that seemed just about the right size for a baby hooker.

Elsewhere, Becker and Henderson escorted Seward, now one chest bandage the richer, back to his cell from the hospital ward. Becker scoffed that Seward would have to try a lot harder to get out of prison, but Seward’s death rowmate — whose name we learned is Hill — said Seward (or “Spartacus,” as Hill was now calling Seward) cut out the “A” tattoo so the guards wouldn’t have anything to hold over him. Seward remained characteristically quiet.

The SPD techs were unable to match the voice in the video to Goldie, but Linden didn’t think it was him anyway. Even though Kallie was at the motel the night she went missing, the detectives hadn’t found anything linking her case to the serial killings (not to mention that there wasn’t technically a case since her worthless mom wouldn’t declare her missing), and none of the girls from the bog had appeared in the porn tapes they found at Goldie’s house.

Linden deferred to Holder when it came time to question Mama Dips. Lucky for Linden, that meant she got to sit in the observation room with Reddick as he groused about being woken up “in the middle of the night for B.S.” and let rip a stream of passive-aggressive digs about her. In the interrogation room, Mama Dips claimed the (obviously male) voice on the tape had been hers, deadpanning, “I’m a heavy smoker.” Holder doubted that she was finding and overpowering teen girls to “get her rocks off” taping pornos, but she smirked, “I’m a modern woman. I do it all.”

Given Mama Dips’ stonewalling, the three detectives regrouped to plan their next tack. Linden wanted to try again with Kallie’s mom, but Reddick said it’d be useless and advised they requisition Goldie’s juvie records. After Linden headed out, Reddick snarked to Holder that he’d forgotten more murder convictions than she’d made in six years. Holder said blankly, “Well you’re a lot — a lot — older.”

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