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The Good Wife recap: Lies

Alicia investigates Jason, and the NSA investigates Alicia.

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Jeff Neira/CBS

The Good Wife

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Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Continuing with this season’s trend, this episode had minimal overlap between Alicia and Lucca’s firm and that of Lockhart, Agos, and Lee. And also, as per usual, Eli’s schemes are right in the middle of all of the action. Yes, the format works. It works well, But as much as I love the new dynamics this season, I will say that I could use just a bit more overlap.

Let’s start with Eli this week, shall we?

After asking Alicia for a “truth-adjacent” quote about the best thing about Peter for his bio, Eli informs Alicia — and all of us — that Peter’s truly awful campaign slogan is “Service above self.” Let’s all take a moment to let that one sink in. 

And we’re moving on. Heading to lunch with Ruth, Eli expects another scheme but instead finds a seemingly kind Ruth waiting with two Alabama Slammers. She’s here to inform Eli that Peter has just experienced another four-point bump, which means they have a real shot, and not just at the vice presidency. Peter is now officially going for the presidency.

Poll: Who’d make a worse president: Peter or Trump?

With that in mind, Ruth thinks it’s time that she and Eli learned to work together. In other words, the vice presidency wasn’t all that important, but now that the presidency is on the line, she doesn’t have time to fight with Eli. (No offense, vice presidents.) Plus, Peter now needs Alicia more than ever before, so Ruth and Eli need to learn how to trust each other.

Of course, the only thing Eli takes away from this conversation is that he can now ruin Ruth in an even bigger way. Heading to Alicia’s, Eli informs her of the latest decision. And you know it’s bad when Alicia bypasses the red wine and goes straight to making a finger margarita.

Eli tells her the announcement has been moved to Thursday and that he’s written her a “very Michelle Obama” speech for the event. Then we get this interaction, which mirrors my thoughts:

Alicia: “You think he has a chance?”

Eli: “I thought Trump would self-destruct, so what do I know?”

Last but not least, Eli informs Alicia of the final piece of his plan: He’s going to have Frank Landau introduce her on Thursday. Alicia immediately knows that Eli is up to something, but quite frankly, she doesn’t care. She’ll be there.

Eli, definitely up to something, now heads to the bond court judge that he tipped off earlier in the season. Cashing in on his favor, he asks for information on Frank Landau and his manipulation of voting machines in the last election. He needs proof.

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With that set in motion, Eli returns to Ruth’s side as she plans Peter’s announcement to look identical to Obama’s. (Yes, because Peter is the next Obama.) Regardless, Ruth suggests that Landau not introduce Alicia but rather that he introduce Peter. So basically, she seems to really be trusting Eli for some reason. But that only makes Eli’s plan better: Frank Landau will now be associated with the biggest moment in Peter’s career…just as Eli is going to reveal that Landau was behind the voting fraud.

The bad news? Landau only arranged the hack of the voting machines after Peter asked him to. Peter, worried that his wife was going to lose, arranged the whole thing. (And this concludes the 1,000th reason why Peter is the worst husband.)

Forced to make a decision, Eli knows that he can’t destroy Peter because it will also mean destroying Alicia. So at least for now, Eli is backing off. As for Peter, well he’s officially running for POTUS. Everyone take cover.

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