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The Good Wife recap: 'Payback'

Alicia and Lucca’s first official case together could end up being their last.

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David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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I have to say: This show is really onto something with the team of Alicia, Lucca, and Jason. I would watch them all day. However, on the other side, we have the Cary-Diane-Howard issue, that at times, is great comic relief, and at other times, just feels like it needs to wrap itself up. And then there’s the return of Marissa, who’s just the best.

So let’s start with the winning team (in my heart, at least).

Alicia and Lucca’s first official case together revolves around Maggie, a young woman who swears she paid off her student loan debt, but is getting constant harassing phone calls from a man named Bob at APY Collections saying that she still owes them $8,000. Thankfully, Jason — and his intimidating voice — is around to do a quick background check on Bob, threaten him to stop making the calls, and get to the bottom of what’s really going on. Fun fact: Poor Maggie has found her way into the hands of a scam artist by believing a voicemail and then sending her check to the wrong address. In other words, she paid her $8,000, but she paid it to the wrong person, meaning she still owes APY Collections $8,000. Yeah, that’s rough.

So while Jason looks into the scam artist, Grace — who’s worried that Alicia and Lucca aren’t charging enough on cases to pay the bills — tries to find out information on Maggie’s for-profit college, Colosseum. And it doesn’t take long for Lucca to come up with the idea to sue the school. After all, Maggie borrowed money for an education that didn’t wield a job.

But, of course, the skeezy school covered its own butt by having all students sign an arbitration clause in their enrollment agreement (which no one reads). So with court out of the question, Alicia and Lucca head into arbitration, where they try to prove just about everything, from the fact that the school has unqualified teachers to them targeting veterans to each and every lie the school has ever told its students.

But all of that comes crashing down when Maggie gets on the “stand” and admits that she missed two-thirds of her classes and didn’t even buy textbooks. Sure, she was trying to save money, but still, it’s hard to say that the school is the reason she’s unemployed when she never even gave the school a chance.

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However, when Maggie mentions her study group, Alicia gets an idea. Well, to be fair, Eli gives it to her, but still: The students should all go on a debt strike. It’s already happening at another for-profit school, so why not?

Just like that, Alicia and Lucca take a list of 350 student names to Colosseum and let them know that they’re officially on strike. And when that causes the school’s stock to fall, a shareholder suit is filed.

That’s the good news. That bad news is that Colosseum is now suing Alicia and Lucca. Looks like they got that bigger case they were looking for.

As for Jason, well, he tracked down the scam artist and got Maggie’s $8,000 back … by using a crowbar? It’s better not to ask. At least, that’s the way Alicia’s looking at is as she invites Jason in to have a drink. (Just for the record, I fully support whatever’s happening here.)

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