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The Good Wife recap: Party

Alicia throws a party that features a surprise engagement, Martian real estate, and funeral flowers

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Jeff Neumann/CBS

The Good Wife

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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Off Air

For an episode with no case of the week, this hour was stuffed full of plots and characters and all kinds of goodness, no?

The madness all takes place during the party that Alicia hosts for the affianced Jackie and Howard. Visitors come and go, phones chirp, relationships shift, and secrets tumble out. In fact, with so many disparate plot threads, let’s take them from least to most wild:

The party

It’s a mess. The florist sent a bereavement array of funereal flowers, and the cake says “rest in peace.” The guests all arrive early, and the food’s not ready to go. Jackie invited Alicia’s mother, Veronica. (“Why? You guys hate each other?” Alicia asks. “Oh, Alicia, sometimes you’re so innocent about women,” Veronica replies. “She invited me so she could lord it over me about her new husband.”) At least Alicia seems to have bought out the wine section of a liquor store, and Jackie adores the flowers.

Alicia and Peter’s divorce

The Florricks have decided on an agreed divorce and generally act like mature grownups about it. Peter’s sad, but Alicia shrugs it off as “that’s what happens.” (That’s what happens when you sleep with prostitutes? Have a few boyfriends on the side? Live apart in a name-only marriage? Actively fool Illinois voters? Take your pick!)

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Unfortunately, Veronica tries to score points on Jackie by “accidentally” spilling the news about the impending Florrick divorce, surprising Jackie (ha ha!) and Grace (oh, honey). Petty revenge is only fun when it’s the in-laws getting hurt, Veronica. A shocked Zach and Grace press Alicia for details, and Zach isn’t pleased to hear that Alicia has an investigator, if you know what I mean, particularly when Alicia and Peter freak out about the little surprise he has for them.

Zach’s engagement

Yep, Zach’s marrying Hannah, the preternaturally possessed redhead he brought home. She’s three years older than he is, applauds Alicia as a harbinger of a new feminism, talks about Zach’s intellectual reach, and lectures Diane’s husband Kurt on the second amendment. Oh, and Zach’s dropping out of school, marrying Hannah, and moving to France with her. He also asks Alicia for a glass of wine. They grow up so fast!

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