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The Good Wife recap: Shoot

There’s a new Alicia in town, and she could not care less what you think

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David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

TV Show
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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Off Air

Alicia Florrick has spent 20 years being a “good wife.” She has stood by her lying, cheating husband. She has denied herself a chance at true love, and as a result, she lost a man she loved. And now, Alicia could not care less … about anything. Her children are grown, her past is her past, and she’s finally living. (And man is she living.)

But before we get to Alicia, we’re introduced to Diane and Cary’s case of the week. The episode kicks off by introducing us to Harry Dargis, played by Blair Underwood, and his daughter. We watch his daughter learn to walk for the first time as a toddler, and 10 years later, we watch her get braces. Fast-forwarding a bit more, we watch her head off to prom, enjoy her first (and second) kiss, and arrive home from prom in just enough time to enjoy some chocolate milk with dad. But when the neighbors start acting up — they’re drug dealers, apparently — shots are fired, and in a moment highly reminiscent of Will’s death, a stray bullet catches Harry’s daughter in the neck.

Now, in present day, we’re sitting in a courtroom where Harry is the defendant. It seems he put up a billboard claiming “Gloria’s murdered my daughter.” Gloria’s Guns in the shop where the gun was bought, and now, the shop owner is out to prove that the billboard is defamatory and has made a negative impact on her business. At the helm of this case is Judge Abernathy, whom I’ve decided is my favorite recurring Good Wife judge.

However, despite the fact that they have a very outspoken pro-gun control judge on their side, not to mention that Gloria’s Guns is known for selling to “straw buyers” (someone who buys a gun to sell to someone who wouldn’t have passed a background check) Cary and Diane lose the case. And yet, when Harry mentions the fact that gun violence in the area has hurt his motel business, they decide to countersue the gun shop for damages, claiming that Harry’s losses are directly related to the increase in gun violence. And because he’s the best, Abernathy is willing to hear them out.

Elsewhere, Alicia and Jason are making the most of their time together when she gets a call from Eli. (Again, this scene took me back to another Will moment where both he and Alicia were on their phones as they tried to hide their relationship from everyone. Just me?)

It seems Lloyd Garber, Peter’s donor, is going in front of the grand jury. Not only that, but Alicia will be next. They know that Connor Fox will put Alicia on the stand fully expecting her to invoke spousal privilege with each and every question. Their only ask is that she doesn’t show her impatience at having to repeat herself. She needs to play ball.

Alicia’s in, but right now, she’s got a bigger problem: The college admissions office is claiming that Grace plagiarized her very personal college essay. But when they won’t reveal which part of the essay they believe to be plagiarized, Alicia enlists Jason’s help.

Meanwhile, Eli continues to listen in on the grand jury hearing (from a bathroom vent) when he realizes that one of the jurors is not convinced by Garber’s claims that Peter told him he had “nothing to worry about” when it came to his son’s murder trial. And one unconvinced juror could be the first step to their victory. With that in mind, they change the game plan for Alicia: She’s to answer Fox’s questions, all the while trying to identify the unconvinced juror and give him more of what he wants to hear.

Alicia, with her new attitude that’s perfectly demonstrated by her not-fully-styled hair, is in. And when she sits in front of the grand jury, she makes sure to focus her testimony on Mr. Garber’s faulty memory. Eli and Mike (and Tom): 1. Fox: 0.

Grabbing drinks with Diane — well, Alicia drinks water because she’s a new woman — Alicia once again considers Diane’s offer of creating a firm with all female name partners. Alicia doesn’t want to hurt Cary, but Diane says she will offer to buy him out. As for what Alicia wants, she brings up the fact that Lucca isn’t happy. And Alicia wants to be at a firm that recognized talent. As Diane puts it, “Let me take another look.”

Also taking another look is Alicia, who spots Jason at the bar … where he kisses another woman?! WHAT. IS. THIS.

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