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The Good Wife recap: KSR

Jason leaves town (at least temporarily), which prompts Eli to make a shocking confession to Alicia.

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The Good Wife

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If it were up to me, I would’ve titled this episode “Voicemail” because holy crap, guys! Eli finally told Alicia about the voicemail he erased from her phone! Remember the one? Just as Alicia was going on stage to show her support for Peter, Will called to confess his love and tell Alicia that he wanted to be with her. Only, Eli Gold was standing off-stage holding Alicia’s phone. Putting Peter’s career above all else, Eli listened to the voicemail and promptly deleted it. That happened in the first episode of season 2. And now, here we are in the 10th episode of season 7, and the truth has finally come out. 

I have to admit that when the promos for this show teased something life-changing, my head went to ridiculous places: Will’s actually alive! Peter’s dead! But I should’ve known that this show would do something much more simple that would shock me way more than any life-or-death twist. Well played, The Good Wife

But before we get to the reveal, we have to deal with some other things. Sadly, this episode was not called “Voicemail” but instead goes by “KSR,” which is a horrifying name, mostly because it stands for “kidnap, sedate, rape.”

The title comes from the case that Alicia and Lucca are currently working. They’re defending a surgeon who spends his down time on a website called BrutalMercy.com, creating a fantasy where he kidnaps, sedates, and rapes one of his patient’s mothers. (His patients are kids.) 

Sadly for Alicia — and the doctor, I suppose — the judge is none other than our buddy from bond court, Don Schakowsky, who seems to purposefully be siding against Alicia. And yet, when Alicia finally pieces together the puzzle — that Eli tipped him off about the FBI bribe — he straightens up his act…though may be a little too much. We’ll get to that later.

First, the argument: Alicia and Lucca are simply trying to prove that fantasizing is one thing and acting on said fantasy is another. Meanwhile, the prosecution is trying to prove that the defendant had every intention of following through on his threats. The bottom line? The doctor never actually did anything. So the question comes down to: Can we be arrested on our fantasies alone?

The jury seems to think yes. They find the defendant guilty of conspiring to commit kidnapping, and yet, it’s the judge who speaks up with disappointment for the jurors. He claims there’s insufficient evidence to support said conviction, and therefore, he’s issuing a judgment of acquittal.

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Of course, Alicia can’t help but think that his judgment has more to do with what she said about the bribe than her case, but Don doesn’t really care. Whether she and Lucca “earned” that win will remain up in the air for now.

What she and Lucca definitely did not earn, though, is the loss of their super-sexy investigator, Jason Crouse. Because Ruth is the absolute worst and wants total control over every one of Alicia’s sexual impulses, she asks Courtney Paige to hire Jason for some work…in California. By offering him $50,000, Courtney secures him for a couple of months, which means Ruth won’t have to worry about Alicia sleeping with him. 

I understand your job, Ruth. But as a woman, you should be ashamed. Have you seen Jason Crouse?

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