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The Good Wife season premiere recap: 'The Line'

Season 6 of the legal drama returns with a shocking arrest that causes turmoil at Florrick/Agos.

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The Good Wife Recap

The Good Wife

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Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Rejoice! The Good Wife has finally returned! Sure, it’s back with football delays! And sure, it’s back with one fewer lawyer—RIP, Will Gardner—but it’s back! And that’s all that matters right now. It goes without saying that none of us are over Will’s death. But I’m going to say it anyway now, and probably a few more times before this season is over: The loss of a major character certainly reboots the show and forces it to explore new story lines. And that brings us to the season 6 premiere, which I can basically sum up in six words: Wow. I didn’t see that coming!

“The Line” picked up exactly where the season 5 finale left off. Eli asked Alicia if she’d consider running for state’s attorney. And while we were led to believe she’d at least consider the offer, she shot Eli down almost immediately. But if The Good Wife (and Big Brother) has taught me anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Eli likes to get his way, so Alicia’s likely not off the hook yet.

Meanwhile, Cary and Alicia were still on the fence about Diane’s offer to bring her business to Florrick/Agos. Well, Cary was still on the fence. He agreed to meet with Diane and Alicia at breakfast the next day to discuss the details. Then, Cary tried to do some damage control with Kalinda. Their “relationship” is on the rocks after Cary learned that Kalinda had been exploiting their, um, connection. But he wanted to make it up to her, so he asked to meet with her.

But that was a meeting he never made because he was mugged. At least that’s what seemed to be going on. Cary was actually arrested(!!!), and after spending the night in jail, he probably wished he had been mugged instead. He obviously missed his date with Kalinda, so she ended up spending the night with Sophia (Kelli Giddish) thinking that Cary blew her off. But no, he was just rotting away in jail. “Rotting” is a gross overstatement, but seeing Cary in prison causes hyperbolizing.

Cary’s arrest set off a chain of events that propelled the episode. In addition to missing his meeting with Kalinda, he also missed the breakfast with Alicia and Diane. So the firm’s future was placed on the back burner while the Florrick/Agos team scrambled to get Cary out of jail. But for future reference: If Diane comes to Florrick/Agos, she’s got a few demands. First, she wants Kalinda to come with her. (Sorry, Robyn—Kalinda is a dealbreaker.) Secondly, Diane expects an equal vote to Alicia and Cary. In the meantime, Diane told Louis Canning and David Lee that she was retiring. But Louis Canning and David Lee won’t just sit back and let it happen. You just know their next scheme is around the corner.

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