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The Good Wife recap: Wanna Partner?

Season 6 comes to an end with a shocking proposition.

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Jeff Neumann

The Good Wife

TV Show
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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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First thing’s first: Who expected [NAME REDACTED] to be behind the door?! I won’t spoil it that early in the recap. But I will say The Good Wife writers did what they do best with the season 6 finale. They tied up all the loose ends from the past 22 episodes and presented Alicia with one new question to launch season 7. So let’s get to it.

In the case of the week, Alicia teams up with Finn to aid Jacob Rickter (Seth Gilliam), who’s looking into the medical marijuana business. Just a little while later, Alicia misses a call from Rickter, but receives an odd voicemail from him. It sounds like he’s being beat up, or at least being accosted by someone. When Alicia tries to call Rickter back, she can’t get a hold of him and neither can his wife, Nicole (Sharon Leal). Alicia finally realizes that maybe Rickter called her, and not his wife, because he was being arrested. So she calls central booking, but it’s a dead end. Left with no other options, Alicia takes advantage of current iPhone technology to locate Rickter’s last whereabouts.

That leads her to a nondescript building in an even more nondescript area. She sees a police car pull into a driveway and decides to go inside to investigate. There, the officer on duty, Chris Tannerman (Kevin Bigley), tells her that Rickter was just signed in a few hours ago. But a few seconds later, he does a complete 180. He retracts his story and says he just made a mistake. Alicia knows they’re giving her the runaround, but she’s gruffly escorted out of the building, saying that if she stays, she’ll be interfering with police matters.

Back to square one, Alicia tells Finn about her latest findings. He tells her about Homan Square, a place where police hold suspects. Alicia and Finn file a habeas petition in an effort to get Jacob Rickter out of the secret police facility. They face Matan Brody (Chris Butler) in court, again. And Judge Suzanne Morris (Jane Alexander) is presiding over the case. But the judge’s hands are tied until Alicia and Finn can bring stronger evidence of arrest.

Alicia knows Tannerman is sympathetic to their situation, so she decides to play that against him. She tells him that Rickter is an epileptic, and that he’s gone 12 hours without his medication. “Everyone in that building has deniability except you.” She tells him that if he has his doubts, he should call Rickter’s doctor. This is all a ploy, and Rickter’s “doctor” is actually Finn. An important Finn update: That woman he’s been seeing? He finally tells Alicia that it’s his ex-wife. Awkward.

Anyway, the judge doesn’t approve of their sneaky tactics, but it works. Judge Morris demands that the police open Homan Square to Alicia. But when Alicia goes back to the facility to talk to Rickter, Officer Joe Collins (Danny Mastrogiorgio), says Rickter is already meeting with his lawyer. They’re clearly screwing with her, and Alicia is none too pleased. The judge isn’t either. She demands that the police bring Jacob Rickter to court within the next two hours. The police deliver Rickter, but now they say he confessed his intent to acquire 25 marijuana plants. That’s a class-three felony with a minimum sentence of two to five years. Alicia and Finn want the confession thrown out for obvious reasons.

NEXT: A triumphant return.