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The Good Wife recap: 'Sticky Content'

Alicia faces whether or not she should go negative in her campaign for state’s attorney, and the Feds approach Cary about turning on Lemond Bishop.

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Good Wife Recap
Jeff Neumann/CBS

The Good Wife

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Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Alicia’s campaign is in full swing now that she has a clearly established opponent. Goodbye, James Castro! (You won’t be missed.) And hello, Frank Prady. (You still kind of suck, but not as bad as Castro.) Anyway, Johnny Elfman and campaign media specialist Josh Mariner (guest star David Krumholtz) prepare Alicia’s introductory campaign video and viral content. Episode title alert! Johnny wants to use the “sticky” content because that’s the stuff that will, well, stick in people’s minds. This ushers in a crisis of conscience for Alicia because it’s not her style to go the negative route, nor does she want to be too manipulative. Unfortunately, that’s not how politics work.

Frank Prady makes an unannounced visit to Alicia’s office to discuss campaign tactics. He’s got a box of dirt on Alicia that Castro gave him after dropping out of the race, but he doesn’t want to use it. He claims he wants to run a fair, clean campaign, and he appeals to Alicia to do the same. On good faith, Prady leaves the box with Alicia and his personal cell phone number in hopes that she’ll agree to his clean campaign terms. But can this guy be trusted? Time will tell.

Alicia struggles with whether or not she should open the box, but curiosity wins out. She rips into it and finds some things she expects (the picture of Finn leaving her apartment and a picture of her with Will) and some things she doesn’t (pictures of Peter on what appears to be a date with Ramona). I think we all saw that coming from a mile away. We still don’t know the extent of Peter’s relationship with Ramona (I still think he could be the father of her daughter), but it’s clear that something was or is going on with them. Alicia immediately calls Peter, presumably to confront him about the photos, but she chickens out. Instead she just plans a joint interview they need to give for her campaign. Something to quell the rumors about their marriage. Whatever gets it done!

Anyway, Alicia decides she doesn’t want to use the courthouse shooting to her advantage, so she’s presented with a Prady attack ad. This ad is a gem of ridiculata complete with Prady dressed as a dinosaur (because he’s a DINO = Democrat In Name Only) and the implication that he’s closeted. Alicia doesn’t want to use the ad. She then tells Elfman about Prady’s visit. Elfman doubts Prady’s sincerity, but he agrees to table the dino stupidity. Meanwhile, Alicia has another meeting with Prady. Alicia gives him her number, and they seem to come to an agreement to play fair as best they can.

Up next is Alicia’s joint interview with Peter. This goes about as well as expected. It’s great for the camera because they’ve mastered the art of faking it. But it’s awkward to hear about the beginning of their relationship, which is such a stark contrast from where they are currently. It doesn’t help that Ramona is in the room watching the whole thing go down. (When Peter’s on the show, is there ever a time he isn’t in a scene with a woman he’s slept with? That’s an obvious exaggeration, but come on, Peter. You have a serious lack of control of Little Peter.)

After the interview, Alicia’s in a weird headspace and she goes to Finn’s office. He’s surprised to see her there. And once she sits down, she turns quiet. Does she have romantic feelings for Finn? Or is she just hurting from learning about Peter’s latest dalliance? My assumption is it’s a little bit of both. She bolts from Finn’s office before anything happens.

NEXT: Alicia puts Peter in his place.