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'The Good Wife' recap: 'Winning Ugly'

Alicia and Eli try to stop a recount, and Diane learns she submitted false evidence in Cary’s case.

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Jeffery Neira

The Good Wife

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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Well there have been good episodes this season, and some less-than-stellar ones. But I think the latest episode, “Winning Ugly,” wins the award for the most frustrating episode of season 6. Sure, it helps to remember that this is just a TV show. But the injustices! This episode could have alternatively been titled “When It Rains It Pours.” Bad things are happening for pretty much everyone, so let’s get to it:

The episode opens up with a brief reminder that Kalinda is in some serious hot water. Andrew Wiley (Tim Guinee) knows she faked the metadata. This has serious repercussions for not only Kalinda, but also Diane who used the evidence in court. Wiley goes to see Diane and alerts her that he’s ready to submit his report, but before he does, he gives her a chance to make a statement. This, of course, is all news to Diane since she had no idea that Kalinda faked evidence. Diane sends Wiley on his way, without giving a comment, and goes straight to Kalinda to confront her about the metadata. It’s now time for everyone to panic! Kalinda says she intends to come clean, but there might not be a way to save Diane.

Diane tells Cary and David Lee of the latest development, and David Lee encourages them to go before the Police Review Board and come clean before this circles back to them. It’s the only way for them to stay in control of the situation and for Diane to avoid jail time. It’s so bizarre to see David Lee as the voice of reason, but with everything spiraling out of control, someone has to do it.

Anyway, Cary goes to Kalinda and tries to convince her to let him be her lawyer. But she insists she’s made the right decision with Finn. Kalinda wants someone who “doesn’t care.” That’s probably a misnomer. Kalinda probably should have just said she doesn’t want a lawyer with whom she’s slept with. But Cary’s obviously concerned about Kalinda’s future since the faked metadata was partially responsible for his freedom. It’s complicated.

Kalinda and Diane move forward with their plan to come clean. So with Finn and David Lee as their respective representatives, they go before the Independent Police Review Authority to admit what they know about the metadata, and clear Detective Prima’s name. Prima is, unsurprisingly, upset about the whole situation. He goes straight to Geneva Pine—his former(?) lover—and tells her that he’s been framed.

So back to court they go. Geneva tells Judge Glatt (John Procaccino) that Cary’s case was dismissed on fabricated evidence. As expected, it doesn’t matter that Diane didn’t know the evidence she submitted was falsified. Judge Glatt will listen to arguments tomorrow morning, but he’s already made it clear that he thinks Diane’s alleged actions are “beyond inexcusable.” If charged, Diane could face up to three years in prison.

Geneva goes to speak to Diane & Co. to offer a deal. The outgoing state’s attorney (a.k.a. James Castro) authorizes dropping all charges against Diane…if she agrees to testify against Lemond Bishop. Diane says it best: “And here we are back again. Right at the beginning.” Normally, the beginning is a very good place to start. But not this time. Diane knows she can’t testify against Bishop, unless she’s okay with being murdered. In Cary’s case, the evidence against him was tenuous. But in Diane’s case, the evidence is ironclad. So she’s in a pretty sticky situation.

Cary sees the wheels turning in Kalinda’s head, and tells her to not consider testifying against Bishop. He knows Bishop will kill her. So what does he do? He goes to Geneva Pine and tells Geneva to not accept Kalinda’s offer. He says he’ll testify. This is a terrible idea, Cary! I know you’re trying to protect Kalinda. And that’s admirable. But getting murdered is really not the ideal situation here, either. This issue was not resolved before the end of this episode.

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