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'The Good Wife' recap: 'Undisclosed Recipients'

Alicia finds her footing after her election win, and the firm falls victim to a cyber attack.

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David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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As the previews indicated, Alicia’s transition to the state’s attorney’s office will not be a smooth one. She can—and should—enjoy the honeymoon period while it lasts. But this is a CBS drama. So we all know it’s not going to last long. So let’s dive in to “Undisclosed Recipients”:

Alicia returns to Florrick/Agos/Lockhart to find her office full of gifts and other celebratory items congratulating her on her election win. Unfortunately, she can only consume gifts that are less than $75, according to Cook County ethics rules. So that bottle of bubbly she just opened? It’s gotta go in the trash. Damn you, ethics! But Alicia’s got bigger fish to fry, because the requests for favors start to roll in immediately. First up, it’s the despicable human and outgoing SA, James Castro (Michael Cerveris). He says he wants to bury the hatchet, but we all know that’s a lie. He just wants Alicia to keep Phil Lorie as her chief deputy. She puts the kibosh on that pretty quickly. And then Castro makes this plea: “It is customary for the incoming SA not to investigate the outgoing SA.” And, sure, Alicia’s not one to hold a grudge, but if anyone is deserving of it, it’s James Castro. Anyway, the encounter ends with a classy Castro threat: “A lame duck can still tank your record before you get started!” Ugh. I hate that guy.

Up next is another despicable human in the form of Guy Redmayne (Ed Asner). He awkwardly hugs Alicia (a.k.a. grossly rubs up against her) and then congratulates her on the win. He also mentions the gift he had sent over: a chessboard made out of human teeth. (Is this a joke? I’m concerned because I’m pretty sure he’s being serious.) Anyway, he quickly gets down to business. He wants her to appoint his friend Dean Lumber as her No. 2. But considering Redmayne starts off the conversation by comparing Alicia’s feet to that of a whore in Arizona named Brittney, it’s unsurprising that she isn’t too keen on taking his suggestions. Redmayne ends the discussion with a threat of his own: “I spent seven figures putting you into office. It won’t cost me nearly as much to get you out of it.”

But the awkward party has only just begun. Lemond Bishop arrives to chat with Alicia, and he crosses paths with Mr. Redmayne. As expected, those two in the same room is not a good idea. Thankfully, Redmayne makes his exit before Bishop has much time to consider the old man in front of him. After last week’s episode, we already know what Bishop wants: He’s getting out of the business and wants Alicia to ensure his safety and stop Geneva Pine’s investigation. Alicia promises to stop the investigation and grant him full immunity…on the condition that he’ll testify against his lieutenants. Alicia, you should know by now that Bishop is not an enemy you want. “This was not a smart move. This was not a smart move at all,” Bishop tells her before literally hitting the wall on his way out. And I can’t help but agree with Bishop on this one. He’s not one to make empty threats.

Eli catches wind of the Guy Redmayne interaction and he’s less than thrilled. He’s actually in full-on Eli rage. He scolds Alicia for telling the truth, when really she should just be telling people what they want to hear. And he gives her a new motto, albeit one that’s totally full of BS: “Thank you for your advice. All options are open to me. I plan to decide in the next 48 hours.” She’s on her way into becoming quite the politician!

Eventually Redmayne, Castro, and Bishop all return to Alicia’s office—at separate times, of course—so she can rattle off her new BS mantra. It must be noted that during this interaction Guy Redmayne proclaims his love for Taylor Swift’s “Shake That Thing” “Shake It Off.” If that’s not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is. It should also be noted, that in the midst of all this drama, Alicia goes to Finn Polmar to offer him the No. 2 spot in the SA’s office. He says he’ll consider it. Unsurprisingly, Eli’s not happy about this either, so Alicia hasn’t entirely learned her lesson.

NEXT: The firm falls victim to a cyber attack.