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'The Good Wife' recap: 'Mind's Eye'

Alicia prepares for a key interview and deals with Louis Canning’s wrongful eviction suit.

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The Good Wife

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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Well “Mind’s Eye” was certainly a departure from the typical Good Wife fare. Directed by co-creator and co-writer Robert King, the majority of the episode takes place inside Alicia’s head. We see her thoughts and projections about what might happen, peppered in with the actual reality. So let’s dive right in.

The episode begins with Marissa doling out a slew of over-the-counter supplies because Alicia is under the weather. At least her voice is. She’s got a bad case of laryngitis giving her a lovely frog sound that just won’t go away. This is important because it differentiates what’s actually happening versus what’s going on in Alicia’s head. Anytime you hear a normal Alicia Florrick we’re seeing things in her…”Mind’s Eye.” (Episode title alert!) But since you can’t hear the way she’s talking in a recap, I’ll make it super clear.

Actually happening: Bad voice or not, Alicia has to give an interview later in the day with a conservative newspaper. She and Frank Prady (David Hyde Pierce) are neck in neck in the state’s attorney race, and whoever gets the editorial board endorsement will likely get the boost he or she needs to win the election. So, you know, no pressure. Prady’s completed interview is already online, so Alicia watches it to prepare, despite Johnny’s advice that she ignore it.

In Alicia’s imagination: She plays out multiple interview scenarios in her head. She answers questions and imagines Eli, Johnny, and Marissa’s responses to nail down her potential answers. She also envisions Zach as a homeless person when she considers a response to a question about his abortion. We quickly learn that there is a lot going on in Alicia’s head.

Actually happening: Meanwhile Louis Canning calls Alicia to discuss his wrongful eviction lawsuit. He claims it’s a $12 million suit, but for “old time’s sake” offers to settle for $4 million. Oh, how kind of him! Alicia thinks it’s just a nuisance suit—which it undoubtedly is—but Louis tells her to think it through before she decides he doesn’t have a case.

In Alicia’s imagination: Alicia plays out the way the depositions will go down. She goes back and forth, but eventually decides that the oral agreement Diane had with Howard Lyman is enough to protect them. It doesn’t matter if Howard didn’t understand the terms of the agreement. Canning and David Lee believed it to be genuine.

NEXT: Canning’s health takes a turn.