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The Good Wife recap: 'Hail Mary'

While Cary prepares for his incarceration, Diane and Kalinda make one final play to keep him out of prison. Meanwhile, Alicia practices for a state’s attorney candidates’ debate.

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The Good Wife
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The Good Wife

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Welcome to 2015 and all-new episodes of The Good Wife! That hiatus was a serious bummer. Not a bummer? The stellar return delivered to us in the form of “Hail Mary.” I’m pretty sure this episode should have come with a warning. Like, “Take a Xanax before you watch. An hour of stress is coming your way.” Or: “Pour an Alicia-size glass of wine. You’re going to need it.” But I digress. Let’s dive right in:

We last left off with Cary’s case finally going to trial, and he chose to plead guilty to avoid a potential 15-year jail sentence. To prepare for his incarceration, he hires a not-so-cheap prison consultant, Bill Kroft (Domenick Lombardozzi). Kroft’s approach is one of tough love. But he’s got a point. Cary’s one-week stint in county pales in comparison to what he’ll face in prison. And because of overcrowding, Cary might even end up in a maximum security facility. So they’re preparing for the worst. First thing’s first: Cary needs a friend on the inside (preferably a white friend) who can vouch for him.

Enter Kalinda, who goes straight to the devil himself to secure a friend for Cary. The devil, of course, is Lemond Bishop. Let’s just go ahead and blame him for this whole mess. Kalinda asks Bishop to help Cary find someone on the inside. Bishop’s obviously not too thrilled to grant her a favor after their last interaction. And I’m not too thrilled to see Kalinda and Bishop alone together. Now that we know she’s leaving the show, I’m terrified that Bishop is going to kill her anytime they’re together. Overreaction? Maybe. But it’s been well established that Bishop is one scary dude. Bishop agrees to find someone for Cary, but there are strings attached. Kalinda has to take a call from someone in the near future. The details of this call are not disclosed.

In the meantime, Kalinda has the pleasure of chatting with Ray, Bishop’s contact on the inside. Ray mentions the export train and how Trey Wagner and his buddies were trying to launch their own business by selling to someone in Toronto. Like Kalinda, I passed over this information at first. But the music changed! So I knew it had to be important! Thankfully, Kalinda is smarter than I am.

Kalinda calls Diane and Alicia to tell them about her latest discovery: Cary was charged with giving Trey & Co. advice on how to import drugs into the city. But if the drugs were already in Chicago, and they were actually trying to export them, Cary could not possibly be guilty of conspiracy. Unfortunately, Cary already entered a guilty plea.

Diane goes to court to present this new evidence to Judge Cuesta (David Paymer). Even though the charge against Cary is inconsistent with what occurred, Cary pled guilty to those facts. The only way Cuesta will consider rescinding the plea is if Diane can show that the prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence. Oh, and the catch? They have to bring proof to Cuesta before Cary’s sentencing hearing at 5 p.m. That means they’ve only got six hours. Cue the stress!

Diane puts everyone at the firm on the case. They’re fighting against the clock to find a Brady violation in the state’s attorney’s work. No pressure. But Kalinda manages to find one almost immediately. How convenient! Kalinda reaches out to an inspector (Jonathan Crombie) in Canada who says he emailed Det. Prima (John Ventimiglia) about the drug export and that Prima never responded.

This is enough to subpoena the backup drives of the CPD’s fourth district. From there Kalinda and her tech guy, Howell (Jason Babinsky), find that the email in question went to Prima’s spam folder and was deleted before he ever read it. So yeah, it’s no shock that that was too good to be true. Kalinda goes to see Cary for some sexy times, per the request of Mr. Kroft. (It’s either her or a hooker. Kroft insists Cary make a “memory” before prison, because that’s what the kids are calling it these days.)

Before Kalinda makes it to Cary, Alicia calls and tips him off to the possible Brady violation. Diane and Kalinda had decided not to tell him so he could continue to prepare for prison and not get his hopes up. So by the time he and Kalinda meet, Cary’s pretty upset with her for leaving him in the dark. But she has to break the news that it’s a dead end. “Hey, I got to live in hope for an hour. That’s something, I guess.” You break my heart, Cary! But look on the bright side. You get to have some “memories” with Kalinda.

NEXT: Kalinda makes a choice.