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The Good Wife recap: 'The Trial'

Cary’s case finally goes to trial, and Alicia gets in trouble for a joke gone wrong.

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Good Wife
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The Good Wife

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Ooof. That was a brutal ending. And it’s not helping matters that we have to wait until 2015 for any resolution. The Good Wife is taking an early winter hiatus, and it won’t return until January. But before you settle into withdrawal, let’s talk about “The Trial.” Season 6 has been leading up to this very moment, and I was kind of surprised at how they handled it. So let’s dive right in:

Cary’s case is finally going to trial. And before it begins, Judge Cuesta (David Paymer) is so over it. He’s trying to get last-minute tickets to see Neil Diamond for his anniversary. (Forgive me if I don’t feel sympathetic. You can’t wait until the day of to buy an anniversary present, dude!) He also gets the wrong muffin from his assistant, so by the time he enters the courtroom he can barely contain his impatience. He calls Diane, Cary, and Geneva Pine into his chambers to persuade them to reach a deal before the trial actually begins. That unsurprisingly doesn’t work, so his new plan is to push through jury selection as quickly as possible. He’s gotta get those tickets!

The trial begins, and we learn that Geneva Pine is having some sort of affair with the narcotics detective on the case, Gary Prima (John Ventimiglia). I’m not entirely sure why this was relevant. Perhaps it was to show that she wasn’t fully on her A game? Or, could this relationship result in a mistrial later down the road? Geneva ends the relationship a few scenes later, but I’m not entirely sure of its purpose. (Share your theories in the comments!) Anyway, on the stand Diane asks Prima about speaking with Trey Wagner. And Prima admits that Trey said he set Cary up by selectively turning the wire on and off because he was scared of Lemond Bishop. Forty-eight hours later, Trey was dead. Castro calls Geneva Pine out on her setback in court, this is when she ends things with Prima. So now she’s ready to kick some ass.

Geneva brings in an unexpected witness to trial: Kalinda. Diane protests, but Judge Cuesta okays it. But we learn that one of the jurors can’t correctly hear what’s going on with the case. He keeps asking the juror next to him to clarify things. This was a great scene because at first, I was totally confused and thought I might be losing it. Then I realized that they were just playing out the scene from the juror’s perspective. As it turns out, The Good Wife doesn’t make much sense when you can’t hear properly! The juror in question, Mr. Fratti (Zak Orth) suffers from Auditory Processing Disorder. During certain moments of stress, he confuses words and sounds. He insists he’s followed the trial, but Judge Cuesta proves otherwise when Fratti hears this sentence: “The question, Mr. Fratti, is whether Cary Agos hurt lemons busing the important tree mills of honeycuts.” So yeah, Fratti is obviously dismissed, which is especially unfortunate because he was the only slam-dunk juror on the case. Cary continues his “when it rains it pours” streak.

Cary knows they don’t have a strong enough case, so he asks for Kalinda’s help. Apparently he doesn’t have to keep his distance from her now that the trial has started. Kalinda asks Alicia to make a plea to Finn to get a lead on Dante, the only other (alive) witness to Cary’s incriminating wiretap.

Speaking of, Alicia attempts to clarify her relationship with Finn. What is going on with these two? The more I see them interact, the more I kind of want them to develop romantically. (I mean, I will still be Team Will forever. But since he’s dead, I’ve probably gotta move on from that one.) They basically admit that things have been awkward between the two of them and decide to set some boundaries to keep anything from happening:

Finn: “We meet in brightly lit diners, not bars.”

Alicia: “Pancakes, not drinks.”

Finn: “Yes. And we talk about the law.”

Alicia: “Great. With accordion music.”

Finn: “Well, unfortunately, accordion music kind of turns me on.”

See? They’re pretty cute together.

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