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The Good Wife recap: 'The Next Week'

Florrick/Agos deals with new-firm financial woes, Alicia finds herself in the middle of a costly suit, and Will tries to help one of Alicia’s old clients

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The Good Wife Nathan Lane
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The Good Wife

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Money, money, money. Must be funny. In a rich man’s world. Okay, so “The Next Week” was likely not inspired by Abba’s hit “Money Money Money.” But the ep had everything to do with the financial woes of Florrick/Agos, and thus related all too much to the disco hit. Because of their expedited exodus from Lockhart/Gardner, they didn’t get their bonuses. (Yeah, we get it, Anthony!) And their Chumhum money hadn’t yet come in. Despite their relative success, the new firm was drowning in overhead. And unless they started bringing in the cash, things didn’t bode well.

Enter returning guest star Nathan Lane! Last season, Clarke Hayden towed the line each episode: Do we like him? Do we hate him? But this time he was firmly in the like camp. Hayden went over the Florrick/Agos financials and stated the obvious: Things were not good.

Meanwhile, Lockhart/Gardner was facing a $6 million malpractice suit from a failed adoption case. Their insurance company had denied them coverage due to “attorney recklessness.” And while they argued about how to proceed, Will laid down the new law of the land: “There are no more fights at this firm. No more internal squabbles. We work together…. Move together. Act together. Or leave.” You tell ’em, Will!

Basically, David Lee & Co. had assisted with an adoption for a couple. But the genetic parents fought to get the child back and won. Hence the malpractice suit from their former clients. Since Alicia had worked on the case, she was subpoenaed as a witness. Upon her return to Lockhart/Gardner, Alicia incited fear in the receptionist and garnered looks of disapproval from everyone else. But instead of handing over her testimony, Alicia used the opportunity to negotiate getting back her $150,000 capital contribution.

Diane: “Sometimes I look at you and I wonder if you’ve changed, or if you were always this way.”

Alicia: “I had some of the best teachers in the world. I couldn’t help but change.”

Alicia backed Lockhart/Gardner into a corner. They needed her testimony, so she’d get her money.

Christian Borle returned as Carter Schmidt to head the deposition. He explained the details of the suit: The genetic father of the adoptee was part Chippewa Indian. Because of the child’s heritage, the tribe had a right to block the adoption. Alicia testified that she’d warned the couple of this possibility. Then Carter dropped a bomb. Lockhart/Gardner had written a check for $10,000 made out to the Chippewa Nation, a bribe to stop them from blocking the adoption. Ooops!

NEXT: Will tackles the case of the week….