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The Good Wife recap: This Changes Everything!

Alicia and Cary’s plans to leave Lockhart/Gardner are finally exposed, and the battle for top clients begins 

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Good Wife Recap
David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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Holy crap!! So basically, “Hitting the Fan” can be summed up by a series of gasps and exclamation points. And while that would save me time writing and you time reading, it would be a disservice. I’m not trying to oversell anything here, but this episode of The Good Wife may have been one of the best hours of TV. Ever. And it’s certainly the best episode of the series. (Give it all the Emmys!) And who would have thought it would have come in the show’s fifth season?! There’s a lot to talk about. (In case you missed it, check out our postmortem with exec producers Robert and Michelle King here.) Now let’s get to it:

This season has been a bit of a slow burn. Each episode gave us a little more, and as the episode’s title suggests, this was the one where it all hit the fan. At the end of last week, Diane confirmed her suspicions about Alicia leaving the firm and told Will the less-than-ideal news. This week we picked up right were we left off: Will was in his office meeting with Joely (Erin Diller), a potential publicist for the firm. Her main sell? Stability. She wanted to be a part of the “big happy family” at Lockhart/Gardner. Ha! As if the episode’s teasers weren’t enough, this ironic statement was all the proof we needed that all hell was about to break loose. Needless to say, Joely got the job. Because a good publicist is a must when the firm is starting to crumble from within.

When Diane dropped the Alicia and Cary are leaving bomb, Will was rendered speechless. He did have a few flashbacks of some of his happier—and sexier—times with Alicia, but other than that, he was in a state of shock. Eventually, that wore off and Will developed what can only be characterized as pure anger. We’ve never seen Will this mad. I’ll have to admit, it was a little sexy. But mostly, it was just stressful. (It was this point that I realized I should have probably taken a Valium to watch this episode. Too. Much. Stress.)

Will marched straight in to Alicia’s office to confront her about her betrayal. And since she clearly couldn’t deny anything, the cat was out of the bag. To say Will’s anger escalated would be an understatement. He anger-swiped everything off her desk and lobbed these comments her way: “I took you in. No one wanted you. I hired you. I pushed for you.” Alicia said it was only a business decision, but she’s obviously lying. For Cary and the other fourth years, leaving Lockhart/Gardner is a business decision. For Alicia, it’s personal.

The verbal blows from Will just kept on coming. “You were poison!” “You’re awful. And you don’t even know how awful you are.” His outburst concluded with him firing her and taking her cell phone. But Alicia reminded that he’d have to get the majority vote of the executive board, and then a vote of the full board, to get her out of the office. But essentially, that was just to buy time. Alicia’s career with Lockhart/Gardner was over.

UP NEXT: Alicia & Co. get sent packing….