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The Good Wife recap: 'Outside the Bubble'

Elsbeth Tascioni represents Lockhart/Gardner in a sexual harassment suit, Diane and Kurt address some of the issues in their relationship, and Eli and Jackie lock horns 

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The Good Wife Recap

The Good Wife

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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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The writers have been painstakingly laying the groundwork for the explosive response to Alicia leaving Lockhart/Gardner. Honestly, I was ready for it to all hit this Sunday. And was disappointed when last week’s previews indicated that we’d have to wait two more weeks for it to all come to a head. But it’s like the Good Wife writers know exactly how to silence my complaints: Just give me Elsbeth Tascioni, and I’m good.

“Outside the Bubble” delivered on all fronts, but as usual, Carrie Preston’s Elsbeth stole the show. (We chatted earlier this week about her return. Read it here.) As Preston said, Elsbeth and the case of the week added a little levity to the show without totally ignoring the drama at hand. And it’s finally happening, guys. Oct. 27. Be there. It’s going to be awesome.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The case of the week featured Chrissy Quinn (Tracee Chimo, seen most recently on Orange Is the New Black), a paralegal at Lockhart/Gardner. Chrissy hired Viola Walsh (the returning Rita Wilson) to represent her in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the firm. Yikes. It certainly didn’t help matters that Viola has a personal vendetta against Diane — they’ve been competitive since law school.

Among Chrissy’s complaints: Diane had her prostitute herself to a client; Cary showed her how he masturbated in the office; Alicia asked her how she lost her virginity; Howard Lyman tried to rape her; and Will created a hostile work environment by sleeping with underlings in his office. It was all pretty ridiculous. (Except for the Howard Lyman complaint because, well, he’s Howard Lyman.) Lockhart/Gardner could settle for $2 million and insurance would cover 40 percent, but that option all but guaranteed they’d lose clients. So they decided to fight it.

And who’s the best lawyer to represent the firm on such a ridiculous lawsuit? The equally ridiculous Elsbeth Tascioni, obviously. Elsbeth was full of her usual great one-liners (see memorable moments later), and her stand-out quirk for the episode was a treadmill desk, complete with a bracelet to keep her walking. Her kooky approach even won David Lee over. And it’s no wonder this woman won an Emmy this year for her performance.

NEXT: Elsbeth addresses Chrissy’s charges….