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The Good Wife recap: Killer Instinct

Alicia becomes a witness after a body is discovered at one of Colin Sweeney’s parties, and Peter and Eli face a PR debacle involving Zach

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The Good Wife Recap
David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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When I said I wanted Will Gardner to come back to the show, I admittedly hoped he would be alive. But beggars can’t be choosers. So I’ll gladly take Josh Charles in the form of director — and what a fun episode for him to helm. Welcome back, Josh!! So, let’s talk about “Tying the Knot.” (And, of course, I mean the episode’s title, and not my desire to marry Josh Charles. He’s already married. Because that’s what’s keeping us apart.)

Anyway, the show’s favorite lady-killer, Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker), returned to celebrate his latest engagement. Will these women never learn? Probably not. And for that, I’m grateful, because Colin Sweeney is one of my favorite recurring characters. Situational ethics at its finest. Anyway, Alicia went to Sweeney’s engagement party to take care of some legal business. Florrick/Agos needed Sweeney’s signature on a document, and Alicia was racing against the clock to get Sweeney to focus long enough to sign the paperwork.

But he was playing hardball. He wouldn’t sign the papers until Alicia convinced his fiancé, Renata (Laura Benanti!!), that he could stop the animal testing at Claxon-Brant with his business merger. (Ed. note: I would watch Laura Benanti in anything. Too bad she didn’t get to sing.) Renata said she could be convinced if Alicia could get her a spot on the board. Alicia finally had the signature she needed. Unfortunately, Sweeney had put all his drugs and sexual therapy expenses on his financial disclosure statement, so Alicia had to amend the numbers on the contract and get a new signature. But all this took a back seat when Renata discovered a dead body hanging in the bathroom. Yeah, murder is kind of a party, um, killer.

The deceased was Morgan Donnelly (Jenn Gambatese), Renata’s friend, bridesmaid, and sometimes-lover. It became clear that Morgan had been tortured and strung up later so it appeared she committed suicide. And suddenly, Alicia was a witness in a murder case. Det. Lou Johnson (James McDaniel) questioned Alicia, noting that she’d been present during another murder at Sweeney’s house four years ago. Not true, Detective Johnson. Alicia arrived after, and that wasn’t murder. It was involuntary manslaughter. But it does look suspicious to an outsider, especially since in this case, Alicia provided Sweeney with an alibi. He was in her sights during the time of the alleged murder.

Jimmy Castro (Michael Cerveris) went to Florrick/Agos to discuss the case. The police had found a torture chamber of sorts in Sweeney’s house, and they wanted to question Colin and Renata about it. Turns out it was just a room where they could practice shibari, an ancient Japanese art of sexual satisfaction through the tightening and loosening of knots and ropes. (The more you know.) Leave it to Sweeney to keep it all 50 shades of weird. Anyway, Colin and his betrothed use it recreationally, and not for any torturing. Enjoy that mental image.

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