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The Good Wife recap: Putting the Fox In Charge

Florrick/Agos takes on a case against the NSA, and Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) returns to shake things up at Lockhart/Gardner

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The Good Wife

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We’re in the final stretch, folks. With only four more episodes remaining, I’m curious what The Good Wife writers have planned for the rest of season 5. Only time will tell, but I do have one request: No more shocking and heartbreaking deaths, please! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s chat “All Tapped Out.”

Zach Woods returned as NSA employee Jeff Dellinger, along with Tyler (Tobias Segal) and NSA newbies Stephen (Michael Urie!) and Jonathan (Haynes Thigpen). As you’ll recall, the NSA is listening in on Alicia & Co. courtesy of a three-hop warrant. Anyway, when the polygraph expert (Brian Keane) changed up one of the questions on Jeff’s weekly lie detector test, he became suspicious.

Apparently, someone in the office had been leaking information to the press, and when they asked Jeff if he knew of any co-workers who had taken home confidential materials, it worried him. If only he knew of any lawyers who could offer legal services! He sought out Florrick/Agos, but would only talk to them in the elevator. Jeff knew better than to conduct any business over the phones. He admitted to taking a flash drive home from work to upload a Valentine to his home computer. He didn’t touch the other stuff on the flash drive, but it did contain confidential information. Cary and Clarke agreed to take the case, but Alicia didn’t want to take on any cases involving the U.S. government. I know they’re allowed to disagree, but I hate it when mom and dad fight.

In the end, they decided to move forward with the case and planned for Zach to be a whistleblower. He wouldn’t be protected if he took the flash drive home accidentally, but if he took it home due to wrongdoing, he would be. So Jeff went back to work and laid the groundwork for his defense. He told his co-workers that he thought Charles Froines (Michael Kostroff) was checking up on his ex-wife using NSA resources. Then, he reported the “wrongdoing” to NSA General Counsel Roger Garber (John Leonard Thompson), which was supposed to protect him from repercussions.

Unfortunately, their plan backfired. Jeff was suspended, and they accused him of spying on Froines. But a meeting with his lawyers turned out to be fruitful for other reasons. Alicia noticed Jeff’s slip of the tongue: “And you can’t be saying ‘NSA’ anywhere. It was picked up on his speaker phone.” Alicia knew the NSA had to be listening to her firm. Jeff tried to backtrack, but it was too late. Alicia called Grace and threatened to say Jeff’s name out loud until he eventually confirmed that the NSA had obtained a three-hop warrant and that she was at the center of it. That caused a whirlwind of crazy at the Florrick/Agos offices.

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