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The Good Wife recap: 'The Last Call'

Alicia & Co. struggle to deal with the aftermath of Will’s shocking death

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The Good Wife

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I’m still trying to process everything after last week’s shocking episode of The Good Wife. And when I first saw the preview for “The Last Call,” I was honestly worried about what it would do to me emotionally. But the show’s writers managed to deliver a heartfelt, appropriate, and even funny-at-times episode. It was the closure I wanted and needed. Did it answer every question I had? Or tie everything up in a neat little bow? Of course not. But death is like that. I point you to Robert and Michelle King’s open letter to the fans: “The Good Wife is a show about human behavior and emotion, and death, as sad and unfair as it can be, is a part of the human experience that we want to share.” So yeah, it sucks. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Will Gardner. But I’m really curious to see where Alicia goes from here, and really, that’s what this show is all about.

So ready your tissues, and let’s get down to business: The episode picked up right where last week’s left off. Kalinda called Alicia to break the devastating news. Alicia was obviously in shock. “But I just saw him yesterday.” This extended version of the scene was particularly painful because of Kalinda’s reaction. Alicia responded the way one would expect. But it was hard to watch Kalinda really break. She’s always so stoic, and rarely does she let on to what she’s really feeling. But her relationship with Will was different, and her emotion here really illustrates how much she and Will cared for each other as friends.

Anyway, Eli excused Alicia from the luncheon, noting that she was in no condition to speak, and stepped in to introduce Peter. This was hilarious because while we’re dealing with all of this really heavy stuff, the writers managed to infuse some laugh-out-loud moments with Eli. As he began to read the teleprompter, he realized that the intro no longer made much sense with him delivering the words: “It’s my honor to introduce the man I’ve shared my bed with many campaigns with over the past few years…. We’ve had our share of disagreements. Who takes out the garbage. Who changes the diapers. Which brings to a funny story about how I chose this dress outfit for today.” Priceless.

Eli eventually broke the news to Peter. He tried to reach Alicia but she ignored his call until he tried from Eli’s phone. Awkward. Peter tried to be there for her, but Peter is not what Alicia wants or needs right now. And sadly, Peter benefits from Will’s death. Without Will’s testimony, Nelson Dubek and the Office of Public Integrity don’t have a case against Peter regarding voter fraud. Too soon to find a silver lining? Yes. Yes it is.

Alicia spent the rest of the episode trying to make sense of what had happened. Before she had any of the details, she imagined a roughed-up client taking deliberate aim at Will in the courtroom. And it was that thought that finally led her to break down in tears.

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