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The Good Wife recap: 'Dramatics, Your Honor'

Everything about the show changes with a shocking and devastating twist

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Good Wife

The Good Wife

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Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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I’m not okay. And chances are, you aren’t either. But we’ve got to talk about what just happened. So take a deep breath, and we’ll get through this together. (Or we’ll never recover, and I’ll just continue to sob on my couch for the rest of the night…It’s still a tossup at this point.) Obviously, there are some major spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution:

The Good Wife promo from last week promised us that this was the episode everyone would be talking about. And I can honestly say I did NOT see that twist coming. Will Gardner (played by the beloved Josh Charles) is dead. Really dead. Jeffrey Grant (returning guest star Hunter Parrish) went on a shooting spree in the middle of his trial, and Will was one of the victims. How are we supposed to be okay with this, Good Wife writers? (I will now pause to finish the pint of ice cream in my freezer.)

After such a funny, Carrie Preston-centric episode last week, it’s hard to believe things took such a dramatic, heart-wrenching turn. But I suppose that’s why they titled the episode “Dramatics, Your Honor.” We first met Jeffrey Grant earlier this season when he was accused of killing Dani Littlejohn. He was offered a plea deal, but didn’t take it. (It’s worth noting that Kalinda wasn’t convinced of his innocence from the beginning.) So Will faced Finn Polmar (Matthew Goode) in court to get Jeffrey acquitted. The crutch of Will’s defense was that the DNA found under Dani’s fingernails was “touch DNA,” or DNA transferred via skin cells.

Will thought he caught a break with his touch DNA angle, but it didn’t hold up. They were back to square one trying to figure out how to even hint that Jeffery and Dani had crossed paths prior to the murder. The great irony here is that Kalinda and Diane clearly doubted Jeffrey’s innocence. It was Will, who had been Jeffrey’s biggest champion. And it was Will who continued to fight so hard to save Jeffrey from a guilty verdict.

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