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The Good Wife recap: 'A Few Words'

Alicia reflects on her past while she prepares to deliver a keynote address; Elsbeth Tascioni returns to help Will with Nelson Dubek

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The Good Wife

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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Off Air

Only one more week until the “episode everyone will be talking about” hits the small screen. But this week, The Good Wife delivered a quieter episode with “A Few Words”: There was no case of the week as Alicia & Co. visited New York City for the American Bar Association conference, where Alicia had been tapped to give the keynote address. Unfortunately, her speech was less-than-stellar, so Cary advised her to re-write the entire thing and focus on her own story. And thus the premise for the episode was established. While she attempted to churn out a new speech, she reflected on her past with a series of flashbacks. We got to see how she landed her job at Stern, Lockhart, and Gardner, and were even treated to Season 1 Alicia hair! So let’s jump into it:

Our first flashback was Alicia meeting with possible employer Lorainne Joy (Polly Draper). They briefly chatted about Peter’s indiscretions, and it didn’t take long for Lorainne to tell Alicia that they didn’t have any available jobs. So on to the next interview. This one seemed to be more promising. Howard Acocella (Jeremiah Wiggins) offered her a job on the spot. She celebrated in the elevator, and ran into Will who serendipitously stopped the door from closing all the way. This scene was repeated six times in Alicia’s flashbacks before it was all said and done.

Back to present day, we saw Alicia’s updated speech with the line: “Fortunately, a second opportunity came my way.” And we all know that that opportunity is named Will Gardner. Flashback time! Alicia was with a realtor looking at what we know is her current apartment. And even though the apartment was out of her price range, she decided to take it in light of her newly acquired job. Unfortunately, Mr. Acocella was only offering her an unpaid paralegal position. The other partners were concerned about her last name. Cut to tears in the elevator instead of celebration. Alicia tried to get out of her new lease, but couldn’t. And she wasn’t going to accept Jackie’s offer to stay with her. Things weren’t looking good.

So she decided to call that “second opportunity.” This was a particularly telling flashback because while Alicia was waiting for her meeting with Will, Jackie showed up. But Jackie, of course, wasn’t actually there. Alicia and Jackie argued over Alicia’s choice of wardrobe: “Your husband is wasting away in prison, and you’re trying to seduce your way into a job.” As Alicia was writing her speech, she tried to reflect on the merits that got her the job. But Jackie’s presence in her memories are just proof that Alicia recognizes that she used more than just her resume to get Will to hire her.

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