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The Good Wife recap: 'We, the Juries'

Alicia and Will tackle chaos in the courtroom when they represent co-defendants with separate jury pools; Marilyn begins her investigation on the possible gubernatorial voter fraud

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Good Wife Recap
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The Good Wife

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I’ve been long singing the praises of The Good Wife and had high hopes (pun intended) for “We, The Juries.” But it was the first real lackluster episode of the season. It had its moments, but I just couldn’t get into the case of the week. And as much as I want a resolution to Peter’s voter fraud scandal, I don’t really care to see Marilyn taking the reigns on the story line. Let’s leave the drama to the big kids, Marilyn. Read: more Peter and Will confrontations. Always.

Anyway, the case of the week featured a couple, Howard Lampe (Josh Pais) and Darla Riggs (Auden Thornton), who had been accused of drug smuggling. Lockhart/Gardner originally represented both clients, but the formation of Florrick/Agos caused a shakeup in the representation. LG was retained by Darla, but Howard hired Florrick/Agos. The prosecution, headed up by Matan Brody and Geneva Pine, argued that since Howard and Darla allegedly committed the crime together, they should be tried together. But the defense, both Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos, wanted to sever the two cases so they wouldn’t have to work together.

So who made that decision? Welcome to The Good Wife judges club, Victor Garber! As Judge Spencer, he agreed to sever Howard and Darla’s cases, but he wouldn’t split up the courtroom because he’s a “staunch advocate of judicial efficiency.” Both trials would occur simultaneously with two separate juries. Ooof. That’s not complicated at all! Also, it meant Will and Alicia would have to work with each other. And if we’ve learned anything this season, it’s that Will and Alicia on opposing sides is a brilliant thing. Anyway, to keep emotions in check, Cary offered to first chair, and Diane stepped in to do the same for Will.

Like I said, I just couldn’t get in to this case of the week. Here’s to hoping Judge Spencer returns with something a little more exciting next time. The two separate juries were chaotic, as expected. Not to mention, the jurors were super whiny: Our chairs are uncomfortable! Our jury room is too small! We smell Thai food! I get it, jury duty sucks, guys. But you get to look at Will Gardner and Cary Agos all day. So stop complaining! Both Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos decided to dig up dirt on their respective co-defendants to undercut each other. This obviously backfired, and worked out for the prosecution. But really, the courtroom scenes were just a series of yelling and one objection after the other.

NEXT: The case of the week comes to an end and Marilyn investigates the possible election fraud…