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The Good Wife season finale recap: Vote of Fraudulence

Alicia, Will, and Diane handle a series of emergency court proceedings to deal with potential voter fraud in Peter’s gubernatorial campaign, and a winner is finally declared in the season 4 finale  

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The Good Wife Finale
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The Good Wife

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Holy crap!! That pretty much takes care of the instant reaction to the season 4 finale of The Good Wife. The funny thing is, I knew what was going to happen — courtesy of this chat with Mr. Cary Agos himself, Matt Czuchry — and the finale still left my jaw hanging open. So before we dive into the recap, I tip my hat to the show’s writers. It’s been a roller coaster of a season with its highs (Colin Sweeney and Elsbeth Tascioni) and its lows (good riddance, Nick!), but the season 4 ender was damn near perfect.

Anyway, the episode opened up with Zach preparing to vote in very his first election. (And now I understand why they threw in Zach’s 18th birthday party last week.) He noticed two suspicious-looking men carrying in a ballot box with a broken seal, and upon further investigation, he saw a ballot with a vote for Mike Kresteva. Concerned about the implication of voter fraud, he snapped a picture with his phone. Enter the polling monitor, Trent (Christopher Denham), who promptly asked Zach to leave.

Since the current polls had Peter and Kresteva neck and neck, each vote became increasingly important. So in a race against the clock, Alicia gathered Diane and Will to head to court for a series of emergency proceedings to deal with the possible fraudulent votes. It’s important to note that at campaign headquarters, Jackie wanted Cristian, her caretaker/lover?, at her side during the election, and quite frankly I’d forgotten he even existed. Also, Jim Moody (Skip Sudduth) offered to “accidentally spill” a septic tank in front of the 41st ward, where Eli was most worried about polling numbers. Totally ethical, right? More on Jackie and Jim later.

In court, the honorable Judge Abernathy (Denis O’Hare) was presiding over the late-night hearing, and nursing a sciatica problem. That meant he randomly strolled around the courtroom throughout the proceedings. Doctor’s orders! Alicia & Co. knew they’d have a tough case ahead of them, but it became increasingly difficult when Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton) showed up in court to represent the Kresteva camp. Obviously, she brought her kids with her, because that’s what the infuriating Patti Nyholm does. Alicia put Zach on the stand to recount (no pun intended) what he’d seen at the polling location. And Patti chose that opportunity to call his character into question, bringing up the last time Zach got in trouble with the law. (That was in the season 4 premiere, so we’ve come full circle.)

The polling monitor was also put on the stand, and he testified that the seal on the ballot box broke when he tried to move the box. But since he had ties to the Republican party, Alicia’s team used that to make it look like he wanted Kresteva to win. Diane argued that the ballots be impounded by the court to check and see if the count was in strong favor of Kresteva so they could go forward with fraud charges.

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