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The Good Wife recap: Justice Is (Not) Served

Alicia takes on a case for guest star Amanda Peet, and Maddie Hayward drops a bomb on Peter’s campaign 

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Good Wife
Craig Blankenhorn

The Good Wife

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Wow. Well, I suppose having Maddie Hayward enter the gubernatorial race is one way to deal with the fact that Peter’s main opponent, played by Matthew Perry, is currently starring in his own NBC sitcom. And as such, Perry may or may not be available to reprise his role as the Republican candidate Mike Kresteva. So enter Maddie Hayward a.k.a. a contingency plan!

Maddie—who’s been pretty shady the last few episodes—finally admitted to Alicia that she planned to announce her candidacy against Peter. Her reasoning? Peter isn’t representing the important female issues. Now whether or not entering the race was Maddie’s original intention, we don’t know. (She claimed it wasn’t.) Either way, Maddie added fuel to the fire by timing her announcement to Peter’s affair scandal. Politics. It’s a nasty field.

Maddie first broke the news of her candidacy to Alicia, insisting that it was not personal but just business. Adding insult to injury, Alicia had to admit to Eli that in the duration of their friendship, she’d shared personal things about her relationship with Peter that Maddie could use to hurt his campaign. At the end of the episode, Maddie offered Peter a chance to drop out of the election and run as her lieutenant governor. But Peter shut that one down pretty quickly. And Eli Gold thought an affair scandal was bad news!

Speaking of Eli, Mr. Gold was looking to get some sweet revenge against Mandy Post for spearheading the story about Peter’s alleged affair. Although the blog broke the news first, Mandy’s magazine was able to pursue the “topic of conversation.” (And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this choice line from Eli: “When did the mainstream media become such a bitch of the blogosphere?”) Anyway, Eli sought the help of reporter Peggy Byrne (Kristin Chenoweth) hoping she would run with a story that he essentially dropped in her hands: Mandy’s cousin was serving 12 years in prison for molesting one of his children. Peter Florrick was the state’s attorney during the case, and Eli posited that Mandy’s pursuit of the story was all the result of some personal vendetta against Peter. Byrne took the bait, or as Eli put it, the “consolation prize” piece. And when news of Mandy’s potential hidden motives broke, she lost her job. Hell hath no fury like an Eli Gold scorned.

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