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The Good Wife recap: Legitimate Problems

Lemond Bishop returns, the news of Peter’s alleged affair finally breaks, and Nick creates more trouble for Kalinda

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The Good Wife Recap
Jeffrey Neira/CBS

The Good Wife

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You gotta love situational ethics. In any other circumstances I’d probably be cheering for the FBI while they arrest a drug kingpin. Instead, I found myself tearing up as Lemond Bishop was whisked away by Federal agents. I don’t want him to leave Dylan! Even with that guardianship arrangement in order.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Lockhart/Gardner’s most lucrative—and dangerous—client Lemond Bishop returned seeking help after he learned his accountant had been arrested. As you’ll recall, Bishop is a powerful drug dealer who uses the firm’s services to represent his many legitimate businesses. Also on hand was Lesli (guest star Annabella Sciorra), the lawyer from the firm representing his drug business. Lesli advised Bishop not to overreact to the situation at hand, lest they set something in motion. But Bishop was worried that if he didn’t do anything, he’d end up in prison. Unfortunately, his fate was sealed regardless of his lawyers’ work.

Going off what little they knew—that Bishop’s accountant had been arrested at his home—Diane, Alicia, and Lesli tried to preemptively figure out what was sparking the Fed’s interest. The assumption was that it had something to do with his drug dealing. Lockhart/Gardner has always worked with Lemond’s legitimate businesses, but the prospect of getting in on the drug side seemed particularly appealing thanks in part to their current financial situation. (Lemond’s legitimate businesses bring in $5 million for the firm, while the drug side pulls in $20 million for Lesli’s.) Even Clarke Hayden thought it was a good idea because “money respects money.”

But then they discovered that Bishop’s drug business was not the target of the investigation. Alicia & Co. began combing though his 20 legitimate businesses to determine which one was causing an issue. Bishop admitted that he often delegated tasks to many associates, making it even harder to pinpoint where any illegal activity might be taking place.

NEXT: Clarke Hayden steps up, and the Feds order a search warrant