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The Good Wife recap: State of Affairs

Viola Walsh returns as Will and Alicia represent an Internet startup, and Eli Gold tries to avoid a major scandal for Peter’s campaign 

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Good Wife Two Girls One Code
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The Good Wife

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Where there’s a political campaign, there’s a scandal not far behind just waiting to be uncovered. And in “Two Girls, One Code” Eli Gold was trying to avoid just that in the form of a magazine story that would likely harm Peter’s campaign. Local reporter, Mandy Post (Miriam Shor), was hounding Eli for face time with Peter and Alicia. She claimed to have solid information of an affair, and was going to go to press with the piece in less than a week. So Eli went into damage control mode.

First on the agenda was the awkward task of confronting Alicia about her relationship with Will. Mandy Post had acquired a hotel receipt that pointed to a past Will and Alicia encounter. Eli acknowledged that it could all be a bluff, but pushed Alicia to check out the timing anyway. In a perfect Eli/Alicia moment, he asked her if she would tell him when their relationship stopped. Alicia quickly ended that conversation with a simple, yet firm, “no.” I love those two.

Alicia went to Will to ask him about the date of the aforementioned hotel receipt, and he agreed to look into the date. You could tell Will wanted to comfort Alicia, but in a really telling moment she quickly moved away as he reached for her hand. As it turned out, the potential scandal was mostly a false alarm. The affair in question was not Will and Alicia, but instead  Peter and a campaign worker. Alicia heaved a sigh of relief that her own affair would remain hidden, but she was clearly troubled by the news about Peter, regardless of their separation. Eli stood by the fact that another Peter affair was pure fiction.

Understanding how serious the accusations were, Eli even sought out Kalinda for help. He knew Kalinda wouldn’t help Peter specifically, but thought she might be willing to investigate the situation to avoid any further embarrassment for Alicia. That angle worked. Kalinda pretended to be Eli’s assistant, as she listened to Mandy Post’s claims about the hotel-room affair, while Post was still pushing for Peter and Alicia face time.

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