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The Good Wife recap: Help From Anonymous

The hacker group Anonymous takes an interest in the case of the week, Alicia calls out Cary on possibly leaving the firm, and Diane continues to be vetted for the Illinois Supreme Court seat

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David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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The end is nigh! There are only two more new episodes left of season 4, so let’s dive right in and talk about “Rape: A Modern Perspective.” The case of the week featured a young woman, Rainey (Makenzie Leigh), who was suing her alleged rapist, Todd Bratcher, in civil court. Bratcher (Jason Hite) took a plea bargain during his criminal trial, and as such, got off scot-free. With Princeton — and not prison — in Todd’s future, Rainey wanted to make sure there were some consequences for his actions.

But the case, led by Will and Alicia, hit a wall before it even began: Rainey tweeted “I don’t care if they put me in jail. Todd Bratcher raped me.” Unfortunately, Judge Parks (David Fonteno) had placed a gag order on the trial in an effort to keep it out of the press, and Rainey’s tweet was a violation of that gag order. Will advised her to invoke her Fifth Amendment right, but Rainey refused. So Judge Parks had no choice but to hold her in contempt of court and send her to jail.

Parks agreed to release her if she apologized and promised to not tweet again about the case, but Rainey stood firm in her conviction. She knew if she lost the case, it would be on record that she was sorry for calling Todd a rapist. And she refused to apologize for the truth, even if that meant staying in jail.

Meanwhile, Alicia had a meeting with tech entrepreneur Dylan Stack (returning guest star Jason Biggs). He wanted Lockhart/Gardner to take on a class action suit against prosecutorial overcharging. After a chat about idealism versus reality, Stack threw down large, well, stacks of money on the table — enough money to get Alicia to take his case back to the partners with her recommendation.

This meeting with Stack became even more significant when Zach received a text message from an anonymous source with a video attachment. The video featured Todd Bratcher and his friends playing around with a blow up doll, and joking about raping Rainey. Zach showed the video to Alicia, and she and Will tried to get it admitted into evidence on the case. Jesse Martin, one of Todd’s friends, authenticated the video. But since it was clearly hacked from Todd’s cell phone, Judge Parks wouldn’t let them show it to the jury.

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