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The Good Wife recap: 50 Shades of Ice Cream

Will tries to win a big settlement for the firm in his first case back, and Maura Tierney guest stars

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Good Wife
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Wow. I think The Good Wife just delivered one of the most scandalous scenes in the history of network television. My overall takeaway from “And the Law Won” was, can they even show that on TV?! They can. And they did. Perhaps forever changing the way we view ice cream.

Let me explain. Over a couple of ice cream cones, Kalinda and Nick discussed their past, giving us a little more insight into their relationship: He spent two years in prison, and expected Kalinda to be there waiting for him when he got out. Instead, she took all his money, burned his clothes, and left him behind. The conversation itself was pretty mild, but it was what was going on underneath the table that left me shocked. This is a family site, so I’m not even sure I’m allowed to describe exactly what we were led to believe happened between Kalinda and Nick in that ice cream parlor. But here’s the gist, and I’ll let your imagination fill in the blanks. Nick reached his hand under the table—and up Kalinda’s skirt—asking, “Do you remember this?” To which she replied, “I remember you being better at it.” Nick then dipped his fingers in Kalinda’s ice cream. Unshaken, she continued to eat her dessert. Their relationship is off-the-charts bizarre, and certainly not vanilla like that cone.

Clearly rattled by Nick’s presence, Kalinda’s work was suffering. She was distracted and unavailable when Will tried to reach her. Eventually she came clean to Alicia about Nick’s true identity. Kalinda’s confession rendered Alicia speechless. Once Alicia realized how dangerous he was—and could potentially still be—she agreed to drop the case for Kalinda’s behalf.

But Nick didn’t take the news of his dropped case too well. He even knocked over some of the firm’s decorations on his way out. Kalinda looked on, all too pleased. And Nick blew her an ominous kiss with two of his fingers. (I’ll let you draw your own conclusions about that particular gesture.) But we haven’t seen the end of Nick’s business at Lockhart/Gardner. After Clarke Hayden learned that Alicia had cut ties with Nick, he insisted that she retain Nick’s case for financial purposes. And the plot thickens, as they say.

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