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The Good Wife recap: He Didn't Do It This Time!

Lockhart/Gardner tries to keep Colin Sweeney from receiving a life sentence, and Diane rekindles her relationship with Kurt McVeigh

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David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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Hide your kids, and especially hide your wife because Colin Sweeney is back in town! The alleged wife-killer (played by returning guest star Dylan Baker) was back in action — this time under fire for disorderly conduct. Alicia was on the case and believed that the oft-guilty Sweeney was actually innocent in this particular situation. Sweeney had thrown a birthday party that got out of hand, a gun was fired, and ultimately, the hosting club suffered $80,000 in damage. But for some reason, the prosecution — led by Laura Hellinger — was pushing hard to take down Sweeney for a gun charge, even though the event in question happened six months ago.

Judge Politi (Vincent Curatola) tried to get both sides to bargain, but neither would budge: Alicia wanted Sweeney exonerated, and Hellinger wanted him to received the maximum punishment of six years in jail. Will assumed that the State’s Attorney (a.k.a. Peter) didn’t want to look weak on crime, and Will suggested they just wait until the gubernatorial race was over. He assumed that after the election, the SA’s office would lighten up and Sweeney would walk away with only two months probation.

But before we take a dive into the case of the week, it’s important to note that Alicia was given a brand new office — sans Cary — with a $10,000 decoration stipend and an equity partner art loan program. (I’d just like to point out that this is the same firm that suffered near bankruptcy, so of course they give out $10,000 decoration stipends!) Anyway, Cary got his own new setup, albeit significantly lamer than Alicia’s new digs. But with his new office came the potential of nabbing another chance at being named an equity partner. Cary’s task, as delegated by Diane, was to interview and hire a new associate, just like Alicia had to choose between Caitlin and Martha in season 3.

Enter a potential new hire, Gregory Steck (Michael Esper). Cary asked the New Kalinda to stay with him during the interview. And she hilariously perfected a “severe” scowl that seemed to intimidate Greg. (I’m warming up to her, so I might have to start using her real name!) Anyway, Greg spent his interview bragging about his work as a clerk for a Supreme Court justice. But his bragging proved rather significant for Lockhart/Gardner because from that, Cary realized why Hellinger & Co. were being so stubborn about the Colin Sweeney case.

A majority opinion was in the works from the Illinois Supreme Court, and that decision would affect Sweeney’s sentence. If Sweeney was found guilty on the gun charge, that would be his third strike — he’d already been convicted of two other felonies — and a third strike would result in a life sentence. Alicia & Co. had to change their game plan, and fast. The 160 day limitation on a speedy trial would be up in one day’s time, so they had to go to trial immediately, even though they weren’t ready. This was supposed to dramatically change the stakes since they’d have to “run the fastest trial in history.” They’d have to get a deliberation from the judge before the Supreme Court ruling came down. But since we’re used to watching the cases play out in an hour anyway, it didn’t really feel all that different from every other case of the week on the show. But I’ll still bite, Good Wife writers, the pressure was on.

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