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The Good Wife recap: Punch Drunk

Alicia waives attorney/client privilege after her client is murdered; Peter punches Mike Kresteva

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The Good Wife
Jeffrey Neira/CBS

The Good Wife

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Is it just me or does it feel like we’ve waiting forever for the Shamrock Dinner? For weeks I’ve been looking forward to the fancy soiree — complete with the promise of Peter putting Mike Kresteva in his rightful place, but more on that later. But the party wasn’t all about the swanky clothes and open bar, and leave it to Eli to point out the true goal of the dinner: getting on the good side of Cardinal James (John Cullum). If history was any indication, the Cardinal would leave the event having hugged one of the candidates, while just shaking the other’s hand. The lucky recipient of the coveted hug would also get a bump of 800,000 Catholic votes. So both Peter and Kresteva were on hug hunt, each trying to impress the Cardinal.

Considering Mike Kresteva is a grade A douchelord, you’d think Peter would easily win over the Cardinal. But, of course, it wasn’t that easy because of Kresteva’s aforementioned douchelord status. (Again, props to the writers for making Chandler Bing — or should I say Mrs. Chanandler Bong? — such an infuriating character.) First, Kresteva went after Alicia in a little tete-a-tete that concluded with Alicia telling him to “die choking on [his] own blood.” You know, taking the high road.

Alicia’s time at the Shamrock Dinner was rudely interrupted when Detective Douglas Young (Will Chase) called her away to consult on a time-sensitive matter. One of her clients, Matthew Ashbaugh, had been murdered just a few hours before. It’s important to note that Kresteva used Alicia’s abrupt exit to paint a less-than-ideal picture of her family to the Cardinal. He inferred that she was probably going to deal with Zach’s drug addiction. And no, you didn’t miss anything. Zach obviously doesn’t have a drug addiction. Mike Kresteva is just the worst.

Anyway, at the police station Alicia successfully ID’d Matthew Ashbaugh as the victim, and Young wanted her help naming potential suspects. Young said he believed whoever killed Ashbaugh was not done killing for the night. Alicia made a list of potential enemies starting with the 18 ongoing cases he had with Lockhart/Gardner. When you have that many lawsuits, you’re bound to ruffle a few feathers.

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