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The Good Wife recap: The Art of Intimidation

Lemond Bishop’s case takes center stage with guest stars Wallace Shawn and Audra McDonald

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The Good Wife Recap
David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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After two episodes in a row of Carrie Preston goodness, I have to admit I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed by “Runnin’ with the Devil.” But of course I was wrong. Any time Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter) returns, we’re usually in for a good show. Under normal circumstances, Lemond Bishop is someone I’d never root for in real life. He deservedly has a lot of bad things coming his way. But stick Lemond Bishop under the protection of Alicia & Co., and I’m ready to go to court and help them defend him!

Earlier this season Bishop got into some hot water with one of his legitimate businesses. The Feds’ confidential informant — Christina Diaz, a woman who worked at one of Bishop’s health clubs — turned up dead. Bishop was arrested for murder, and the firm has been working on the case ever since. (We’ve heard about it in passing, but it hasn’t come to the forefront of an episode until now.)

Alicia went to court and discovered she’d be facing her law school nemesis, Liz Lawrence (played by guest star Audra McDonald). First up, they faced off in front of Judge Friend (Bebe Neuwirth) about Bishop’s visitation rights with his son, Dylan. Friend ruled in favor of Bishop — he’d get to see Dylan two hours each week — and Liz told Alicia that just like in law school, she always let her win one. And I hate Liz already!

During one of those visitations with Dylan, Bishop spoke with Alicia about the case. The informant’s boyfriend — who was presumably the other leading suspect — had committed suicide. At this point, all Bishop could rely on was the testimony of his sister, Judy (Tracie ¬†Thoms), to corroborate his alibi. Through all of this, Bishop left Alicia with one request: Work with his lawyer friend, Charles Lester. And then Bishop left us with this gem: “Can you believe it? They might convict me for the one thing I didn’t do.”

Alicia and Cary met with Charles Lester to question witnesses. To say that Mr. Lester was not at all what they expected would be an understatement. At first I thought perhaps Lester (guest star Wallace Shawn) would turn out to be the male version of Elsbeth Tascioni. You know, a total mess but really a genius? But Mr. Lester showed he had much more mysterious and possibly sinister motives. (More on this later.)

NEXT: Alicia and Mr. Lester question witnesses, and they get an odd results….