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The Good Wife recap: Going for the Gold

Elsbeth and Eli take on Josh Perrotti and the DOJ, Alicia adapts to her new role at the firm, and Peter goes against Maddie in a gubernatorial debate 

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Going For The Gold
David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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Hooray! Now that we’ve reached the end of the NFL season and major award shows, it seems that The Good Wife will no longer suffer from network preemptions. We get five all-new episodes in a row, beginning with last night’s “Going for the Gold.” The typical case of the week was replaced with the continuing saga of Eli Gold vs. the Department of Justice. Likewise, that meant the return of everyone’s favorite guest star, Carrie Preston as Elsbeth Tascioni. (Check out Preston’s interview with EW after her last appearance on the show.)

Elsbeth and Eli were still trying to outsmart the DOJ’s Josh — you can call him Josh — Perrotti (Kyle MacLachlan). Elsbeth agreed to a work lunch with Perrotti, to tell him that since the wiretap had been thrown out, he needed to stop harassing Eli. Specifically, she referred to a gossip column piece in which a source was overheard telling Perrotti that Eli Gold was definitely guilty. Perrotti then told Elsbeth that he’d found another way to prove the charge against Eli: conspiracy. Elsbeth pointed out that this would require a co-conspirator, and then the two argued about going to court. But the best part of this scene was the tension between Perrotti and Elsbeth. Mr. Perrotti clearly has the hots for Elsbeth, going as far to compliment her on the shape of her lips. But since Elsbeth is Elsbeth, his attempts to woo her only made her more flustered and uncomfortable. She slowly and rather awkwardly removed herself from the table. Here’s to hoping Mr. Perrotti likes Indian food, because he was left with a lot of it after her abrupt departure.

With Kalinda’s help, Elsbeth tried to figure out who the co-conspirator was. I love it when these two interact. Kalinda is the antithesis of quirky, so when she’s paired with Elsbeth, I find that I’m often giggling just like Elsbeth does when she tries to go along with one of Kalinda’s no-plan plans. But the two succeeded and learned that the DNC chair, Frank Landau, was the alleged co-conspirator.

Obviously, Eli wasn’t thrilled when he learned of Landau’s connection to the case. Landau admitted that the DOJ was coming after him, so with his career on the line, he threw Eli under the bus. Cut to Elsbeth and Perrotti arguing with Judge Ellis (guest star S. Epatha Merkerson) about the discovery. Perrotti thought it would damage the case by allowing Elsbeth and her team to dissuade their witnesses from testifying. And since Eli lost his temper and knocked away Landau’s keys in their earlier encounter, the judge sided with Perrotti. Eli was convinced there was no scheme to buy votes and Landau had to be lying. So true to her genius, Elsbeth came up with her own creative plan to get some answers: They would sue Frank Landau for defamation, which as Elsbeth pointed out, is not as strange as it sounds.

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