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The Good Wife recap: I Scream, You Scream, Red Team, Blue Team

Alicia and Cary take on Will and Diane in a mock trial showdown; Elsbeth helps Eli in his fight against the Department of Justice 

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David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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What a difference a month can make! Or in our case, two weeks of TV preemptions courtesy of the Super Bowl and the Grammys. But in Good Wife world, a month was all it took for Lockhart/Gardner to become completely debt-free. Three cheers for their lack of financial ruin and the hopeful end to the dull bankruptcy plotline!

In fact, things were so lucrative at the firm, they were projecting to end the year $133 million in the black. (I would like to note it is only February, so it seems like they’re putting the cart before the horse. But if it means no more money woes, than I’ll believe whatever you say, Good Wife writers.) With the debt out of the way, David Lee proposed that the recent equity partnership offers were made prematurely. We all know the offers were just about the money, and since money is no longer a problem, Lee found it unnecessary to bring in new blood. Particularly, if he would have to share the newfound wealth with the aforementioned new blood. The other equity partners were quick to agree: They decided they would delay the partnership offers for at least a year so they could “assess the repercussions of the changes in the workplace.” It was a pretty lame excuse.

Unsurprisingly, Alicia and Cary — and presumably the other fourth years we don’t know — were pissed. And what better way to take out their anger than going toe-to-toe against Will and Diane in a mock trial? Will and Diane were representing a client who owned the energy drink, Thief. A girl suffered a seizure after drinking Thief, and the grandparents were suing the company for wrongful death. Will didn’t want to settle higher than $800,000, so it appeared that the case would go to court. But the Thief CEO, Mr. Lunt, didn’t like the uncertainty that going to court brought. So he funded a mock trial to test the case. (He knew if he lost in court, he’d have to pay any settlement amount times seven since there had been seven other deaths.)

Will and Diane asked Cary and Alicia to act as the prosecution in the mock trial. Cary was weary about going up against Will and Diane, comparing the whole thing to playing tennis with your boss: “Whatever they say, they don’t want to lose.” But Alicia pointed out that they had nothing to worry about since they were partners. (Obviously, this confident approach came before Alicia learned that their partnerships would be delayed.) Cary and Alicia sought Kalinda’s help, but she was technically a part of the Blue Team since she worked for Lockhart/Gardner. She agreed to help them, but her services wouldn’t come cheap: $400 an hour, to be exact. And that was the rate for friends and family! Eventually, Kalinda was banned from working for the Red Team altogether, so she returned her check and some “other stuff” to Cary and Alicia. But don’t ask her about it, because she didn’t know about anything else in that envelope. More on that later.

NEXT: The mock trial continues, and Will and Alicia share a (spoiler!)