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Meanwhile, Zach was checking out Maddie Hayward’s campaign site and noticed a link that was accidentally left open that led to internal political documents. Zach grabbed a screengrab before Maddie’s team could take it down, and he immediately alerted Eli with the news: Maddie would be going after Peter’s supposed racial bias. Her camp had lined up two ASAs willing to say Peter was biased against them. Further complicating matters was the fact that Eli and Jordan (a.k.a. the newest thorn in Eli’s side) had differing opinions on how to proceed with the information. Eli wanted Peter to talk to the ASAs and scope things out, while Jordan recommended that he just let it go. Additionally, Maddie was pestering Peter about the number of debates, another topic Eli and Jordan didn’t see eye to eye on.

Peter ultimately went with Eli’s advice and chose to speak with Geneva about his racial bias. And after encouraging Geneva to be completely honest with him, she called Peter out on his actions: He’d fired five African-Americans and promoted two Caucasians. Peter had his reasons — as viewers I don’t think anyone is upset with Wendy Scott-Carr’s firing — but in the end that didn’t matter. It was all about who he was listening to, and how it appeared. Geneva then told him to rethink and review all of his promotions, and alerted him to the fact that his rejection to speak at the Minority Rights Coalition was considered a slap in the face. And since Maddie was going to be there, it looked pretty bad.

But things only got worse when Peter was booed while delivering his speech at the coalition. Jordan called Eli out on not listening to him, but the bad speech damage had been done. But things were looking, ahem, up for Peter. Alicia showed up at his campaign bus to get a bite to eat. Which for Alicia is apparently a euphemism for having sex with her hubby. (She had to follow through with her earlier sex fantasy. Please debate now on who that person was. Will? Peter? Someone else?) At the end of their sexcapade — which was cut a little short by Eli’s arrival — Peter tried to question their relationship. Don’t question it, Peter. Just have the sex. I loved Alicia’s line to Eli as she left the bus: “Oh, don’t worry! Just the wife.” Eli’s expression was priceless.

Despite his bad speech, Eli liked the fact that Peter spoke the truth about minority interests. Jordan didn’t really see it that way. And their head-to-head battle continues. Eli, of course, was none too pleased when Peter called him out on going too hard Jordan. But Peter recognized the necessary evil of having Jordan around. Eli’s being investigated, and there’s not a lot anyone can do about it. Plus, Wendy Scott-Carr’s investigation into the law firm left Eli lawyer-less. But not for long…it looks like Elsbeth is going to step up and represent Eli. At least that’s what the end of the episode would lead us to believe. And I’m choosing to believe it, because more Carrie Preston as Elsbeth is never a bad idea.

What did you think of the episode? Were you as disappointed as I was that there was no Cary? How nice was it to have a break from all of the firm’s financial woes? And what was your favorite Elsbeth Tascioni line? I nominate: “I don’t know how I know half the things I know!” And more importantly, is Elsbeth really Rambo? Sound off in the comments.

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